Apple’s AR glasses – ‘Apple Glass’ – revealed

Serial leaker Jon Prosser has released a video concerning Apple’s forthcoming AR Glasses including the design concept, name, price, release date, and more.

Apple's AR glasses - 'Apple Glass' - revealed

Without further ado…

Jon Prosser via YouTube:

• Product name: Apple Glass
• $499 + cost of prescription lenses (if needed)
• Planned as “One More Thing” announcement in Q420 or Q121 (depends on COVID-19)
• Available to public in Q421 or Q122
• Prototype Prosser saw was plastic (final material could change)
• Processing done wirelessly by iPhone
• Meant to look like eyeglasses, not tech
• LiDAR on right temple, no cameras on prototype (privacy)
• Wirelessly charge on plastic stand
• Active displays in both lenses
• Apple Glass UI is called ‘Starboard’
• Controlled with gestures on and in front of frames
• Prototype scans proprietary Apple QR codes
• Only wearer can see the informational displays (look like normal lenses to everyone else)
• No sunglasses in first generation (displays do not yet work on tinted lenses)
• For those who opt-in, LiDAR data from 2020 iPad Pro is going to the Apple Glass team to make for the best possible Apple Glass experience at launch

MacDailyNews Take: A little birdie told us that frames are planned to be available in materials (plural) à la Apple Watch.

Prosser’s timeline seems to jive with last week’s note from TF Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo who said Apple Glasses would be coming in 2022 “at the earliest.”

Kuo believes that Apple will use a pricey laminated lens to display digital content overlaid on top of the real world. “The lamination cost of Apple Glasses will be high because the lens requires multi-layer laminations to create innovative MR/AR user experience,” Kuo wrote.


    1. I actually need ’em but have been putting ’em off. Not for much longer!

      (I reckon they could include a video camera if they had some kind of non-hackable warning light)

  1. If anybody had asked for or wanted this, it’d be great. They didn’t, and they don’t. I am struggling to think of anything Apple has done in a good ten years that was exciting.

    1. I asked Steve about glasses like this back in 1984, and I planted the seed way back then. Accidentally mentioning this to Schmidt is what led to Google Glass, but sadly that only ended up in creating Glassholes.

      I know I take credit for every Apple development ever made, but only because it’s true. I could be the world’s greatest leaker, but I only take credit after the fact, not before.

      I know some people think I am no more than a joke, but if you do, the joke’s on you. Thank me very much.

  2. “Apple will use a pricey laminated lens to display digital content…” Of course, they will. If it’s not “pricey” then it must be a lens material some other company is using.

    This product has me scratching my head. I’m quite interested in knowing what exactly this product will be good for in terms of average consumer use. Once it’s out there and does have some sales success, I can imagine there will be an awful lot of knock-offs from China as with every product Apple has. I’m also looking forward to seeing Samsung’s version of AR glasses unless they’re too busy selling fifty different versions of foldable smartphones for everyone.

    On the negative side, Apple Glass users will quickly become the second wave of “glassholes.”

    1. You set up your iPhone 12 or iPad Pro to face you in the room. Your friend in India does the same. You both have Apple Glasses. The iPhone/iPads are scanning you in 3-D and sending that data to your friend. So also for you. What you see is this:

      You put on the glasses and look into the room and, lo and behold, your friend is standing there. Like really there. They look 100% like they’re in your room. Turn your head and they slide into your peripheral vision. They are anchored there in your living room. And you for them. You can talk to them like they’re there.

      Now extrapolate this out to… everything. The education experience. The conference experience. The chruch/worship community experience. Government, Family, Birthdays, Vacations, Games, Presidential Addresses….

      It literally changes everything.

      1. It will make virtual sexXx and the LIDAR-enhanced comparison (or augmentation) of bodily assets a really fun game to play. Apple is against porn but it’s Glasses are about to revolutionize porn as never before, and as I have the sizeable assets to make full use of this aspect, I will certainly be mounting these glasses with excited vigor, I will be a most vigorous user, and I certainly wish that readers can go forth of procreate themselves most procreatively.

    2. In the video, the guy mentions that, other than LIDAR, there are/ were no other cameras in the glasses (again, referring to the prototype he supposedly viewed). Lack of a camera should reduce the dreaded “glassholes” effect. Let’s hope so!

    3. Install cameras in your house you can have holographic conversations…

      Develop a 3D walkthrough of your product. They see a click button due to an Apple QR code and gesture to start the animation. An AR hologram starts walking you through the product…

      Not to mention AR Interfaces for video games and AR extensions to your app that give the user a full screen experience without owning massive TVs or video games…

      A phone is a tiny high quality screen. A pair or glasses could be an AR or VR headset into an interactive world controlled by Apple approved QR codes that that’s normally just a prescription lens…

    1. Available in the 4th quarter 2025! Place your preorder soon! Developers, now you can rehash all your iOS ad-pushing and spyware tracking apps for iGlassOS! Launching with premier privacy ignoring apps like Google Maps and FaceFuck pre-installed for your enjoyment. Blind consumers, subscribe today for Apple’s GlassNews service, powered by SiriGlass! Soon to be available: GlassMusic, for a low monthly fee, will play Muzak elevator lite rock versions of your favorite songs through the in-frame GlassSpeaker in a way that might not piss off everyone around you, at least not much more than the idiots with white goobers stuck in their ears having loud conversations while oblivious to the people next to them.

      Also, don’t forget to buy accessory GlassLeashes, Real Vinyl Leatherette GlassCases in 3 colors, and the most sophisticated GlassPolishingCloth ever sold by an electronics firm, starting at only $69.99.

      Here’s a video from Jony explaining how carefully some lackey on his design team swiped classic spectacle designs from leading optics firms in a way only Apple could do. He will explain why the shape of the screws had to be custom resized and forged from SolidMetal in China by metallurgical geniuses who stole the formula right out of a US proprietary process patent. He will explain how the new Spacier Grey paint was reimagined in order to appear more natural when viewed on the face of an LA model at a photoshoot on a dreary London day in Jony’s LoveFrom workshoppe.

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