T-Mobile to kill off Sprint brand this summer

The newly merged Sprint/T-Mobile entity is already presenting a unified strategy in the enterprise department, and this summer, it will do the same for consumer branding as T-Mobile plans to kill off the Sprint brand.

T-MobileMonica Alleven for FierceWireless:

Speaking at an investor event on Tuesday, T-Mobile CEO Mike Sievert reiterated that Day One for the enterprise team at T-Mobile has largely already arrived. EVP of T-Mobile for Business Mike Katz and his team are now pursuing a unified strategy behind the T-Mobile brand to engage with large and small enterprise and public sector customers.

On the consumer side, “we’ve always been planning a summer timeframe,” Sievert said. “With COVID-19, we moved it out into the mid-summer instead of the early summer, and this is when we will essentially be advertising one flagship postpaid T-Mobile brand as well as operating a unified fleet of retail. The retail piece is why we slowed down just a little bit.”

T-Mobile hasn’t talked about an exact date – although some reports have pegged it as August 2 – but that’s when the company will present a unified value proposition behind the flagship postpaid T-Mobile brand. That value proposition will be activated by a fully trained, “fired-up team of people across all of our retail fleet, which will be branded T-Mobile,” Sievert said.

MacDailyNews Take: To the victor go the spoils.


  1. About 15 years ago, Sprint bough out, then killed Nextel (direct connect/walkie talkie) which was a nice backup communications product for the military, first responder, health care and other public service communities; with lousy customer service. I’m not feeling really bad for them.

    1. I never used Sprint but my sister has had (mostly) good luck for years with a huge family plan.
      I mainly used ATT and Verizon for 20 years with pretty good luck.
      Last two years I been on a T-Mobile family plan and it is by far the easiest, cheapest and best of any I have ever seen.

      I had T-Mobile once five years ago when I traveled in rural areas. Not good. Last year I made several trips from Dallas to Kansas City (10 times at least) using four different routes and T-Mobile rarely dropped out while I was streaming Tidal. So….

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