Sun Valley ‘summer camp for billionaires’ canceled due to COVID-19

The 2020 Allen & Company Sun Valley Conference, with attendees like Tim Cook and Warren Buffett, among many others, has been an epicenter for large mergers in past years. It has been canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Apple CEO Tim Cook at the Allen & Company Sun Valley Conference in Idaho
Apple CEO Tim Cook at the 2016 Allen & Company Sun Valley Conference in Idaho

Weston Blasi for MarketWatch:

Sun Valley conference director Meg Kelty Lawler responded to an email from a MarketWatch reporter seeking to attend the event by stating that it had been canceled, which previously has not been announced publicly.

The annual invite-only conference in Sun Valley, Idaho, is hosted by Allen & Co., a private investment bank based in New York City. The July event is attended by major players in tech, media, business and politics — some of the most powerful people in the world show up every year.

Last year’s attendees include Microsoft Corp. co-founder Bill Gates, Berkshire Hathaway Inc., Chief Executive Warren Buffett, Apple Inc. CEO Tim Cook, Disney Executive Chairman Bob Iger, and Facebook Inc. CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

With so many major decision makers in one location, Sun Valley became an event in which negotiations for major tech and media acquisitions have been set in motion. Such deals reportedly include Inc. CEO Jeff Bezos’s purchase of The Washington Post, Verizon Communications Inc.’s acquisition of Yahoo and the AOL-Time Warner merger.

MacDailyNews Take: Oh, well. Apple will just have to buy Disney via Group FaceTime instead. 😉


  1. It’s not for billionaires, Danny Meyer is worth about $400M and he was there last year. It’s just elite business people. The billionaire thing (not MDN’s writing btw) is a little snarky.

  2. I told them I wasn’t attending this year because of the virus and that’s when they decided to cancel. Polite applause that they recognized my astute insight.

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