Apple CEO Cook joins President Trump’s committee on reopening American economy

President Donald Trump said Tuesday that he’s enlisting advisers from nearly all sectors of American commerce, including Apple CEO Tim Cook, members of the medical field, elected officials, economists, scholars, tech executives, and others to help shape his plans to reopen an economy deeply damaged by the COVID-19 shutdown.

President Trump tours Apple Mac Pro facility with Apple CEO Tim Cook in Austin, Texas on Wednesday, November 21, 2019
President Trump tours Apple Mac Pro facility with Apple CEO Tim Cook in Austin, Texas on Wednesday, November 21, 2019

The Associated Press:

The panel of advisers, whom Trump said he will consult by phone, will operate separately from the White House task force that’s leading the administration’s public health strategy to contain and mitigate the pandemic, though there is expected to be some overlap.

The panel, which the White House has dubbed the Great American Economic Revival Industry Groups, includes more than 50 executives and leaders from agricultural, defense and financial service industries, as well as leaders from unions, professional sports, think tanks and more.

The list of executives includes Apple’s Tim Cook, New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft and hedge fund manager Ken Griffin, all individuals with whom Trump has long-standing relationships. Trump also named some individuals who have been critical of him in the past, including former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and billionaire entrepreneur Mark Cuban.

Trump added that he would likely announce on Wednesday the names of elected officials, including governors and members of Congress, whom he would also consult… Trump said he would also consult with union leaders including the International Union of Operating Engineers president James Callahan, North America’s Building Trade Unions president Sean McGarvey, International Brotherhood of Teamsters president James Hoffa, and [AFL-CIO President Richard] Trumka.

MacDailyNews Note: Here are the executives from the tech industry who will participate in the various Great American Economic Revival Industry Groups:

• Apple – Tim Cook
• Alphabet Inc (Google) – Sundar Pichai
• Oracle – Larry Ellison, Safra Catz
• Salesforce – Marc Benioff
• SAP – Jen Morgan
• Microsoft – Satya Nadella
• Facebook – Mark Zuckerberg
• IBM – Arvind Krishna
• Intel – Bob Swan
• Qualcomm – Steven Mollenkopf
• Cisco – Chuck Robbins
• Advanced Micro Devices – Lisa Su
• Broadcom – Hock Tan
• Micron – Sanjay Mehrotra

The full list of the executives, economists, scholars, and industry leaders who will form various Great American Economic Revival Industry Groups is here: President Donald J. Trump Announces Great American Economic Revival Industry Groups.


  1. ‘You know who we need? CHINA TIM! Get me my phone!’.

    A lot of our current travails both related and not related to the virus are due to imagining people in Silicon Valley possess anything resembling wisdom simply because they made ****loads of money. Fact is, a lot of people in the Valley simply aren’t terribly bright. Autism does not automatically = genius, and genius does not automatically = intelligence or wisdom.

    1. But when you are looking for ways to stimulate an economy, people who made a ****load of money seem a logical place to begin. You would prefer that the President call market analysts?

  2. WTF’s Timmy going to advise?

    “Let’s outsource everything to China! That’s how I got to where I am! Sell the move using ‘inclusivity’ and brand anybody who disagrees with the wisdom of relying on a Communist dictatorship for your health equipment, medicine, and everything else a ‘racist.’ It’s worked for us for years! I’m almost a billionaire because I was so good at selling out my country to exploit slave labor and suck ChiCom teat!”

    1. He isn’t alone everyone one on that list sold out including you know who, the question is will they change the answer is no….they like non union, slave labor, and the gig economy.

      The West has sold itself out…. See China, OPEC, and Russia we have done it to ourselves.

      1. Totally agree, Former presidents, politicians, lobbyists (legal bribery) and corporations teamed up outsourcing everything for their profits. We need to bring manufactures back home and be self-sufficient, do not rely on China. In the end, people lives are more important than money. This is a wake up calls! We got to change. Life after Coronavirus won’t be the same.

        1. Bring jobs back to America? Oh no! We can’t do that because that is what Trump has been saying for years. America first? Seems xenophobic or racist or something-ist.

          1. You are confused Trump industries is right there with everyone else (in the English speaking world USA, UK, Canada, and Australia) who execute the same game plan stick it to the unions, working man/woman, offering slave labor, and piecemeal gig economy.

            I hope you are currently working/saving, and investing for yourself most Americans are not, those companies listed do not care….at the people level, but they all talk a good game.

            However, the UK, Canada, and Australia like most western countries (Germany, Nordic countries) do offer more to their citizens where it counts.

        2. Don’t forget the “we” when noting those who drove outsourcing. “We” don’t like to pay a lot for our stuff. Imagine paying (estimate) $1400-1500 for the current iPh 11…if made in the USA.

          We also don’t like to work “dirty” jobs, or have “dirty” jobs happening in our neighborhood (enviro concerns).

          Have some cake and eat it too is our paradigm.

  3. People are out of work. And struggling. But I ask, who are the people putting the most pressure on our president to “reopen the economy?” the ones on that list of course. They’re not making nearly as much money as they did when things were normal.

  4. Coronavirus is waked up call for America and the rest of the world. Manufactures got to bring jobs back home. We can’t trust China who wants to conquer the world through cheating, lying, bulling and torturing its people. Who knows what in PPE and masks, they may have coronavirus in them.

    1. If you give someone a thousand dollars of your own free will, its your fault not theirs, Tesla built a factory in China, all tech in that factory will go out the back door and be used by China and in ten years the electric EV market could be theirs as a result. Elon put the gun to his head.

        1. No the decision makers in power (Elon) shot themselves in the head the average person American is along for the ride without their knowledge or consent, those sixty thousand dollar cars are not affordable cars to most Americans and never will be. (Tesla cultists the car worth buying not the cheap one you can’t find, example try finding and getting a new 2020 Corvette at sixty thousand dollars).

            1. We have the largest econ in the World, the World-wide market operates with the dollar as the standard, we are infusing other sovereign banks with $$ to support the World-wide market and, the dollar is one of the VERY limited investments that have retained value through this downturn.

              I’d call that “driving the/a bus” of significance. Did I say, perfect, or covering all things? No. As mentioned, “sitting on laurels” isn’t an option. The US isn’t god.

  5. The USA is competitive on certain measures, but those are becoming fewer and lesser in advantage than many people think. Major reforms are needed to right the ship.

    The sad reality is that US business leaders got greedy 4 decades ago; they outsourced recklessly to save a few bucks — and line their own pockets. Unlike colonizing European empires from centuries ago, the USA wanted no part in civilizing their economic slaves half a world away. Apple doesn’t want to spread its culture and language and religion etc. It wants Foxconn to run the plantations for them.

    Today the USA is following the Rome model, relying heavily on printing money to hold it all together. It has fooled a lot of people into thinking the USA is rich. Actually, the USA is living wildly beyond its means hoping nobody calls in their loans. It helped the rich that their economic games work sonwelk across borders. Money laundering through shell companies, as Apple does, has been a fine American tradition. Cheap oil ensured low global transportation costs and super inexpensive plastics (yes those were oil wars, thank you taxpayers who fund the US military). So if economic slaves in Asia will do all the dirty work, that left American businesses to declare services to be the thing. Americans focused instead of a diversified economy, much more on financial innovation. The results have been obvious. The USA continues to expand its garbage dumps at record rates with imported crap that nobody needs and most couldn’t afford if it wasn’t for absurd and often predatory credit practices. When the bubble bursts, taxpayers are called on to rescue the malfeasant banks and corporations that caused the problems.

    The US consumer (marketed ad nauseum from birth)is also to blame. With cheap disposable plastic junk and electronic apps rotting their brains, plus subsidized Big Ag corn syrup slathered over every prepared grocery item, the US workers on average are both poorly educated and obese. Ironically, the drugs and cheap entertainment don’t make Americans happy, this site proves that unmoderated social media makes for toxic interactions.

    Of course you can always find exceptional people. Once in a while a poor kid escapes his low station. But overwhelmingly the statistics show the middle & lower classes slipping while the top few percent own 80+% of all assets globally. The privileged classes have resources to develop elite athletes, successful entrepreneurs, and so forth. But these don’t represent the vast majority.

    By all objective measures, the USA is acting like an older prizefighter that thinks after some big wins he’s now invincible and he doesn’t have to train anymore. It also doesn’t help that the politicos actively try to tie one arm behind the back because they are so strong biased to favor a right hook over a left jab. STOOOOPID way to achieve health and happiness for everyone. The USA is leveraged to the hilt and wages aren’t growing.

    Tariffs and isolationism isn’t making America great, that should be obvious to everyone. Image how powerful the USA could be if instead of insulting the WHO, it used its medical superpower wisdom to make it a great organization capable of squelching the next pandemic very fast. The US president is too cheap to do that. This means the USA isn’t a leader. It’s not even trying to lead. This administration wants to cut itself off from the world —- except it’s happy to keep importing oil and asian disposable junk.

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