Foxconn’s Wisconsin factory progresses, ‘innovation centers’ remain empty

Last April, The Verge reported that the Foxconn “innovation centers” in Wisconsin were empty and that renovations had seemingly ground to a halt. One year later, the buildings are still empty.

Foxconn Wisconsin. Image: Foxconn's Wisconsin 'innovation centers' remain empty
Foxconn’s Wisconsin ‘innovation centers’ remain empty (photo: Matt Jewell via The Verge)

Josh Dzieza and Nilay Patel for The Verge:

Foxconn originally promised to turn two buildings in Eau Claire into office space and research facilities. It never purchased one of the buildings and has taken out no substantive building permits for the other… The Green Bay innovation center has also made no progress.

The main Foxconn project — the factory in Mount Pleasant — appears to be moving forward, albeit at a much smaller scale than the massive Generation 10.5 LCD fabrication plant originally promised and specified in the company’s contract with the state.

Earlier this month, the company submitted a project report to the state claiming it now employs more than 550 people, enough to qualify for lucrative subsidies. (Most were hired at the end of last year.) And although no LCD fabrication equipment has been reported as arriving at the factory, Foxconn has announced a giant glass dome that will house a data center, along with deals to make robotic coffee kiosks and alarm system components in what’s been described as a “high-mix, low-to-medium volume” manufacturing strategy. And last week, Foxconn and Medtronic announced plans to build ventilators at the factory within four to six weeks…

The factory is set to open in May. Foxconn has deemed construction “essential,” and work continues even under Wisconsin’s stay-at-home order.

MacDailyNews Take: Foxconn’s “innovation” in Wisconsin simply occurs in negative space. 😉

But all I ever get
All I ever get is empty promises baby
Empty promises.
Michael Burks


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  1. If only companies could turn their innovation from extracting funds from desperate Cities and States to actually building stuff. As things stand it seems more of a pin the tail on the donkey game or is it chicken and egg either way where success is always seems just around the corner and of course where both have their reasons for talking it up or hiding the fact it isn’t progressing as promised but far too often only one the actual desire to see it happen.

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      1. The “adult children” is accurate. The “work for the administration” is not. Jared Kushner is a joke. Why on earth has he been put in charge of ventilators? Leave it to the professionals.

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