Apple now offers Refurbished Mac Pro models with thousands in savings

Apple’s online store now offers certified refurbished Mac Pro models with prices ranging from $5,349 to $14,109.

Every Apple Certified Refurbished product completes a rigorous refurbishment process that includes full testing that meets the same functional standards as new Apple products. Your refurbished device is truly “like new,” with special savings of up to 15%. Buyers receive a “like new” device with genuine Apple replacement parts (as needed) that has been thoroughly cleaned and inspected. Refurbished iOS devices will come with new battery and outer shell. Every device will come with all accessories, cables and operating systems. All Apple Certified Refurbished products are packaged in a brand new white box and are sent with free shipping and returns.

The $5,349 Refurbished Mac Pro features o 3.5GHz 8‑core Intel Xeon W processor, Turbo Boost up to 4.0GHz, 48GB (6x8GB) of DDR4 ECC memory, Radeon Pro 580X with 8GB of GDDR5 memory, and 256GB SSD storage. This model costs $6,299 new, so the refurb unit offers a savings of $950.

The $14,109 Refurbished Mac Pro features a 3.3GHz 12‑core Intel Xeon W processor, Turbo Boost up to 4.4GHz, 96GB (6x16GB) of DDR4 ECC memory, two Radeon Pro Vega II with 32GB of HBM2 memory each, 4TB SSD storage, and an Apple Afterburner card. This model costs $16,599 new, so the refurb unit offers a savings of $2490.

Refurbished Mac Pro

Earlier today, there was a refurbed 16-core model with 192 GB of RAM, two Radeon Pro Vega II Duo graphics cards, 8 TB of storage, and an Apple Afterburner card for $22,439, a savings of nearly $4,000, but that model is no longer available in Apple’s Certified Refurbished section.

MacDailyNews Take: Apple’s Certified Refurbished Macs are definitely a great way to get very much “like new” Macs at a nice discount. We’ve had only good experiences with Apple’s Certified Refurbished Macs and can easily recommend the store for anyone looking to save on Mac purchases.


  1. So where do all these refurbed units come from? And why is there seemingly a failure rate for these to come back to Apple? I bought mine at a special thousand dollar off deal through B&H (which wasn’t broadly advertised) before all the current virus falderal.

    1. I don’t believe the refurbished ones are those that failed, in fact, I’m pretty sure I read somewhere that they specifically do not use any failed machines for the refurbished machines they offer. I believe these are usually demo or test units, and refurbishing just means testing them, and cleaning them if needed.

      1. That makes sense. I have one of my Macs set up with external drives like that. But with Apple’s thin built in drive it means the price they’re offering is not the real price because we have to also buy high performance external drives to do anything useful. They should offer those machines with internal 500GB SSDs at a minimum.

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