Apple offers select Apple TV+ content for free for limited time

Apple is looking to be included in your COVID-19 quarantine binge by offering select Apple TV+ content for free for limited time.

Apple TV+ free

At, customers in the U.S. can watch the following content for free on iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, iPod touch, Mac, select Samsung and LG smart TVs, and Amazon Fire TV and Roku devices.

• Little America
• Servant
• For All Mankind
• Dickinson
• Helpsters
• Ghostwriter
• Snoopy in Space
• The Elephant Queen

Along with many free movies, Apple’s TV app also has all of EPIX for free until May 2 and free episodes from standout HBO series, including:

• Succession
• Barry
• The Wire
• The Sopranos
• Silicon Valley
• True Lies

MacDailyNews Take: That’s a nice selection, for adults and kids alike, that will give non-Apple TV+ subscribers a taste of the quality offered by Apple’s new streaming service. Of course, if you want The Morning Show, See, etc. you’ll have to buy an Apple device (which grants you a year free) or subscribe to the service. More info:


  1. Got AppleTV+ free when I got my iPhone11 Pro. Wife and I watched 5 episodes of the Morning Show. Half way interesting but, the absolute gratuitous use of the F-word makes me think this is Apple’s idea of trying to be edgy. Cursing doesn’t offend me one bit as I do it plenty myself. It’s almost become a joke. Not sure this storyline can really go anywhere. Nothing else on AppleTV+ is even remotely interesting. Would never pay for it unless it included lots of old good content.
    Didn’t even flinch to pay $70 for the entire series of the original Magnum P.I. Such a great show.
    Even though ATV+ is free, I feel ripped off and want my 5 hours of time back.

  2. Wife and I watched Dickinson recently. It was fantastic. Much better than I had expected.

    We are now almost done with The Morning Show. It is riveting. The Billy Crudup character is really fun. The Mark Duplass character is so sad. He always gets the short end. I agree, it would be better with fewer f bombs.

    For All Mankind was OK. I was expecting more engineering and science, this was more soap opera, almost Buck Rogers.

    Same with Amazing Stories. The Sci-Fi was just a background for the drama. The last one about the woman waking from a coma was much better.

  3. Answer me this, AppleTV people:
    (I’ve had one for 7? years & I don’t know the answer)

    I play a song.

    Where are the controls to adjust repeat, shuffle, build a play list even… WITHOUT STOPPING THE SONG?

    Maybe I should have asked our fairy wizard Siri to play a specific album??

    Frustrated. Why are basic controls hidden behind useless crap.

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