Analyst: Apple TV+ already has up to 40 million subscribers

Apple 3.0’s Philip Elmer-DeWitt has Wedbush analyst Daniel Ives’ latest note to clients. Ives estimates that Apple TV+ has already amassed between 30-40 million subscribers. The analyst believes that Apple TV+ can get to 100 million subscribers within 3-4 years.

Apple TV+ subscribers: Apple TV+ is home to the biggest directors and top stars
Apple TV+ is home to the biggest directors and top stars

Via Apple 3.0:

With an installed base of ~925 million active iPhones worldwide, we believe Apple has an opportunity to gain 100 million consumers on the streaming front in the next 3-4 years.

Based on our estimates so far we believe Apple is tracking in the 30 million to 40 million sub range, although we note the vast majority of those are getting the service for free given the promotion… which we believe is a smart move.

Apple has a compelling list of new shows (The Morning Show, For All Mankind) with only nine programs, although we believe Cook & Co. has committed ~$6 billion annually to original shows/movies to beef up its streaming content ambitions going forward along with potential M&A (MGM, Lionsgate, Sony Pictures, A24) looking ahead to catapult its much needed content library.

MacDailyNews Take: Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, we were hearing from a little birdie that Apple might possible make a significant, “shocking” acquisition. Perhaps, the beatdown certain movie studios have taken due to the pandemic makes an Apple acquisition even more of a possibility. We already know that Apple and MGM have held acquisition talks. We continue to keep our ears to the ground on the Apple acquisition front and, as always, we’ll let you know if we hear anything new!

As per Disney, as we wrote last month, “Such an acquisition would of course be quite an undertaking as Apple would have to bring the parts of Disney that are unique (think theme parks) into the fold (or keep them as an Apple subsidiary). On the positive side, Apple TV+ would immediately become a massive streaming entity as Disney+ content rolled into Apple’s streaming service would be an instant juggernaut.”


  1. One fairly constant theme in Apple’s shows, as it’s getting tiring really quickly, is how weak the men characters are. They are indecisive, don’t do the right thing unless pressed to do so, etc…

    And of course, there is a preachy women’s power stuff. Kid shows to adult shows, Apple has far too much preaching going on, as if it’s the 1950’s and women are suppressed or something.

    Seriously, even my wife says it’s getting ridiculous, and a decent show moves along and all of a sudden a women’s power moment shows up. Completely random, forced and stupid and unrealistic.

    It’s getting tiring Apple, very tiring. Very quickly.

    Apple would never have produced Jack Ryan or Bosch, or anything having anything resembling strong men and lofty goals and aspirations or leadership. If ever present, it’s weak.

    Disney is perhaps the worst. The Mandalorian is perhaps the strongest male they’ve got, but he quickly needed aid from a big wrestler gal who’s a horrible actor BTW…

    Frozen and Brave probably being the most egregious of them all from Disney. Mean are liars, power hungry, or have no goals or aspirations in life. Just meatheads. Women are smart, idealistic and the only leaders based on the fact they are females…

    This is ironic, given the movement of we are all the same, gender if fluid crap, so what’s it matter? Yet it does matter because we all, deep down, know we are massively different. Hollywood seems bend on messaging to society and kids in general, men should look to not lead, not aspire, while women should look to dominate.

    Men and women can both aspire and both support and be GREAT teams like we have in my family. It’s fantastic. But trying to shove men into the ground and have women dominate?

    Yah, what could possibly go wrong?

      1. Maybe just respond to the detailed post that Bobby wrote? Instead, the idiots need to be made aware?

        Your reply seems to imply, “men need to be weakened and diminished and Apple’s productions are serving this function.”

        One could also infer that one needs to be punished/diminished for another to gain.

        Curious logic, if so. It’s very much SJWarrior-istic.

  2. You are absolutely correct and it got old almost immediately in the TV shows like “the Morning Show.” While Reese Witherspoon was excellent in all her role demands (she is listed also as a producer) the rest of the bunch were as you described.

    Frozen 1, which we went to see in a theater, had some of the dumbest and socialistic dialogue I’d ever heard in a Disney movie (Avatar also had like-minded BS) and nearly made me gag. The gorgeous visuals camouflage the absurd hidden messages in these movie messes. Much of Hollyweird’s product from the scriptwriters’ sewer pipes (or maybe its pot pipes or crack pipes?) are merely socialist touting screeds. We are more recently very careful to not spend a dime on such rubbish.

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