Apple and Stanford app connects first responders to drive-thru COVID-19 tests

A new app built by Stanford Medicine with help from Apple is designed to help connect first responders to drive-thru COVID-19 testing if they are showing symptoms of the coronavirus. Stanford hopes to expand the The First Responder COVID-19 Guide app’s coverage to other essential service workers, such as grocery store staff and public service employees.

drive-through COVID-19 tests. Image: The First Responder COVID-19 Guide app from Stanford Medicine
The First Responder COVID-19 Guide app from Stanford Medicine

COVID-19 presents unique challenges for the police, firefighters and paramedics who serve and protect their communities. Within the app, Stanford Medicine experts answer your questions, provide up-to-date information, and help you determine if you should be tested for the coronavirus. The app includes:

• Use a screening questionnaire to determine whether testing is recommended for you, based on your symptoms, medical history and exposure. Results are saved for your future reference, and all answers are securely stored on your device. No data is shared with Stanford, Apple or anyone else unless you grant permission.

• View the latest COVID-19 resources from Stanford Medicine physicians and scientists, including a comprehensive list of frequently-asked questions, an easy-to-understand guide for protecting yourself, and videos of weekly virtual town hall meetings, in which Stanford Medicine leaders update the community on the pandemic and its implications.

• Learn about the unique risks that COVID-19 presents first responders, and how to protect yourself. Stanford Medicine emergency medicine experts answer your questions about potential exposure, safety and best practices. Local agencies and national organizations offer detailed guidance and recommendations for avoiding infection and containing the outbreak.

Kif Leswing for CNBC:

Here’s how it works: Users take a survey with questions about their symptoms. If they have symptoms suggesting COVID-19 infection, the app recommends testing. First responders can take that result to the contact at their workplace in charge of health, referred to as a “department infection control officer” inside the app, and get scheduled for priority testing at a Stanford Health Care site.

Stanford is starting with police officers, firefighters, and paramedics because they’re essential and are at high risk of catching the virus.

The app is currently only available in Santa Clara and San Mateo counties in California.

The team at Stanford Medicine hopes to expand it to more frontline workers, including grocery store workers and government employees. After that, they want to make it, or similar apps, available in additional counties and states.

MacDailyNews Note: Stanford Medicine’s new app for connecting first responders to drive-thru COVID-19 tests is available via Apple’s App Store here: The First Responder COVID-19 Guide app.


      1. Fake News. Ars should strive to do better.

        Congress sets spending, not “the Trump administration.”

        The Community-Based Testing Sites (CBTS) are not closing, just transitioning to state-managed sites on or about April 10.

        The CBTS program originally included 41 sites. It was intended as a stop-gap to bring testing to critical locations, especially for health care facility workers and first responders, until the states got up to speed.

        The transition will ensure each state has the flexibility and autonomy to manage and operate testing sites within the needs of their specific community and to prioritize resources where they are needed the most.

        In the U.S., many (leftist dem/lib/probs) seem to have forgotten (or never understood) the concept of U.S. State Government vs. U.S. Federal Government. Most dem/lib/progs think the federal government is all-powerful, controls all, and is responsible for everything. I blame the horrible union-wrecked U.S. public school system.

        Here, learn something, for a change: U.S. State Governments manage public health and safety within their borders, not the U.S. Federal Government.

        Fake news like the Ars crap above prey on the uneducated.

        The actual news is that the U.S. Federal Government did extra to help the States, it was always meant to be temporary and now it’s time for the States to do what they’re supposed to do.

        Only liars and/or the ignorant would represent that as “Trump pulling funding.”

        Stop lying, get educated, or STFU.

          1. Your lack of education and basic knowledge is appalling. No wonder you vote Democrat.

            It’s the President’s prerogative to name a COVID-19 spending watchdog whom he trusts. Period.

            Glenn Fine, a longtime Democratic favorite, was currently working in the Defense Department’s Office of Inspector General. Up until Tuesday, Fine had been DoD’s acting inspector general, a position he assumed during the Obama administration.

            President Trump replaced Fine at DoD with Sean O’Donnell, who is currently the Environmental Protection Agency’s IG. Trump also nominated Jason Abend to become DoD’s IG. Pending Abend’s confirmation, O’Donnell will be DoD’s acting IG while continuing to wear his EPA IG hat. Meanwhile, if Fine chooses to stay in government, he will revert to his former position as DoD’s deputy IG. That is the job in which President Obama installed him in 2015. Fine became DoD’s acting IG the next year, but he was never confirmed.

            Mr. Fine is no longer on the Pandemic Response Accountability Committee.

            Good riddance!

        1. FYI didn’t say the sites were closing (though many are), just that they are losing their Federal funding. Which is true. Mr. Trump therefore deserves no credit for any testing that will continue after tomorrow. Which will not stop him from claiming credit.

          The states could clearly have been better prepared. Their multiply-fatal error was to believe the President of the United States when he was claiming until less than a month ago that their states were in little danger of an epidemic. They further believed his claim that the Federal Government was handling the situation so perfectly that nobody else need worry.

          Their assumption that he had access to better information than anyone else on earth was correct. Their assumption that he was drawing the correct conclusions from the data was incorrect.

          He lied. Americans died.

          1. More Whataboutism. Yes, China tried to cover up the severity of the outbreak. That was a very bad thing. Mr. Trump also tried to cover up the severity of the outbreak, which the US knew as early as late November from human and satellite Intellegence. That was not a good thing.

            The Chinese coverup did not work. The American coverup did. It bought the virus between two and three additional months during which America failed to gather resources or develop the most essential response, a viable testing program.

            The President continued minimizing the threat and claiming control of it until mid-March, and even after that point continued to paint a much rosier picture than the data known to him allowed. Until the end of February, he and the Federal Government actively prevented private labs, hospitals, and universities from developing their own testing programs. As of April 10, any federal support for testing is being terminated. China is not responsible for any of those unforced errors.

            Perhaps the most laughable Whataboutism of all is this one: “We inherited a broken test — the whole thing was broken,” Trump said on the Fox News morning show “Fox and Friends” on March 30.

            Obviously, there was no broken test on January 20, 2017, because the virus did not yet exist in human beings. This was just another lie to evade responsibility for the deaths he had caused.

            1. You never cease to amaze me with your stupid copperhead antics.
              You’ve gone off the rails old man.
              You hate America more than most Middle Easterners.

              What an annoying tripe you’ve become.
              Need to change your name to Beijing Betty…..

            1. Because the Democrats controlled Congress and Obama controlled the Democrats.

              As usual, you have nothing, not even a critically dissenting point of view, to offer.

              And yes, I said Copperhead.
              “Historians such as Gray and Weber argue that the Copperheads were inflexibly rooted in the past and were naive about the refusal of the Confederates to return to the Union. Convinced that the Republicans were ruining the traditional world they loved, they were obstructionist partisans”

              That’s what both of y’all are, except TxEr KNOWS he’s lying to sway points of view, it’s how he made a living so he plays fast and loose with news stories to back up his argument no matter how outside reality they are. You on the other hand are just owned because of race by the Democrats, a team player no matter how bad they are for America.

              I pity your position and detest his.

            2. Please give examples of my “playing fast and loose” that compare, within an order of magnitude, to the President’s use of alternative facts quoted above.

              Please explain how CitizenX’s race means that he is “owned” by anybody.

              I will admit that I am inflexibly rooted in the history of America as a constitutional republic devoted to the use of reason and to government by laws applied with due process rather than by a cult of personality, and that I am convinced that post-2016 Republicans are ruining that traditional world I loved.

          1. Conflation and presumptive deduction are well-used tools in your box and they fit with “playing fast/loose”…maybe especially so because they’re very greasy and easily dismissed without critical eyes.

            Just the day before, those that disagreed with the WHO were “isolationists” (which is a word you use often against people with a different idea of sovereignty). Amazing! One disagrees with a group, led by a person with a “curious” background that links ideologically to China, which has its own “curiosities” and that person is an isolationist and apparently wants to abandon safe health practices.

            In addition, just questioning 10 million dollars being given to the group by the company “we” follow and being part of the country (speaking of many on the board_USA) that gives hundreds of millions to the group…and questioning means isolationist? Bizarre and “isolationist” thinking of your own that’s an entirely different topic. In short; Superioristic.

            Btw, bringing up the president to “augment” your point, fits into the “whatabout-ism” spear you’ve thrown a few times recently. Nice deflection…which is another tool that’s a little fast/loose. You can use it, but others can’t?

            And the hubris that drips….”inflexibly rooted in the history…” Gawd. Time to get down off the high horse. If you’re so rooted in the ideal and wanting so much to prevent the ruin we’re facing, what the hell are you doing on a Mac blog to accomplish such a supreme effort and conviction?

            1. As I have said God alone knows how many times, I am perfectly willing to tolerate authoritarian opinions. However, when people make stuff up, I feel obligated to provide the real facts to counter the fake ones. The claims by the President and his supporters have consistently been factually inaccurate. I have tried to counter them. That does not make me popular with those who are spending their Good Friday in idol worship. I don’t care.

              The WHO isn’t just “a group.” It is the ONLY international group coordinating the flow of information and resources to meet an international crisis. I asked who the WHO critics were proposing to perform that function. Their answer, essentially, was that nobody should do it, because that was “globalism” and an insult to national sovereignty. The US should deal with Covid-19 as if it were a purely national problem that can be solved within our borders. That comes close to being the dictionary definition of “isolationism,” so I called it that.

              Actually, it was TowerTone who accused me of being “inflexibly rooted in the past.” I was just trying be be agreeable by pointing out why some of the past is worth keeping.

  1. It’s sad. I feel bad for him and his family. I can’t imagine he’ll be nominated and it’s bizarre it continues as if….

    Hillary, Michelle, Cuomo, or…?

    1. What has to happen, under the rules in both parties, is that all the Biden delegates already selected, or selected between now and the live or virtual convention, MUST vote for Biden on the first ballot. Since he already has a significant plurality and will win all the remaining primaries, he will be nominated on the first ballot. Unless he withdraws, nothing else CAN happen.

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