‘Very big’ Apple acquisition looms; ‘people will be shocked’

We continue to hear whispers that a “very big” Apple acquisition looms. If completed, it will be “Apple’s biggest acquisition by far” and most likely occur “sometime in 2020.”

As we reported on April 4, 2019:

A little birdie tells us that “a major Apple acquisition looms,” but that “it’s not yet a done deal.”

If it goes through, however, “people will be shocked.” No further information was given.

We’re unsure if “people will be shocked” at the name of company Apple may acquire, the size of the acquisition, both, and/or something else altogether.

Stay tuned.


    1. Nah your first 3 are in markets Apple is not interested in and with Apple and Tesla don’t have comptable culture. I think Disney first or HBO as a backup plan would make a lot more sense.

    2. Microsoft is too big even for Apple to acquire.

      JCPenny and Dorothy Perkins would be be interesting, but Apple won’t buy stuff with a presence in the eastern district of Texas,

      Tesla has been rumored for so many years that I don’t believe it anymore.

      I would guess the most likely outcome is the purchase of a large indy movie studio like Lionsgate, Amblin/Dreamworks, or MGM.

  1. These teaser articles, headlines really, are silly. Wait until something more than supposition can be presented. Put the “little birdie” back in its cage.

    Meanwhile the Mac Pro….

        1. I do remember reading somewhere that Apple and AMD were working together on custom hardware so it could be AMD. BUT it would mean Apple would be making CPUs for PCs and Servers which would be odd.

    1. Rooting for Disney. Not that I know much about business, but it’s a thriving business with a number of areas which would fit beautifully with Apple. Imagine Apple TV+ having the whole Disney and affiliated libraries. Wow!

      1. If they were going to do it they should have done it soon after the Pixar sale or as part of when Disney was struggling not to mention Jobs being the biggest single shareholder. Would seem odd and very expensive now. But I agree a media or vehical company would make some sense, or a cloud based services business perhaps as they are weak there compared to their major competitors will be one an increasingly large part of their business and with no chance of catching up without a big move.

        1. I agree with this…Sony announced this week that they are shutting down Vue in January. It’s THE best streaming service..cloud DVR is better than Youtube. Multi-channel view is the only one that offers 4 at a time-spend a saturday with it and behold the greatest way to watch CFB. I bet Apple is going to take it over, re-brand it, and have been spending the year dealing with all of the new deals the networks want out of Apple. It already fit’s into AppleTV in the friendliest way. Let’s hope more Sony/AppleTV movie exclusivity or early release deals get made too!

  2. IBM? Seriously. I mean really seriously.

    DELL? Just joking, or maybe not. What if they bought Dell and “shut it down and gave the money back to the stockholders”? 🙂

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