Processor shootout: MacBook Air (2020) Intel Core i3 vs. Core i7

The MacBook Air starts with an Intel Core i3, but is again available with a Core i7 processor. Back in 2014, we ordered what would become our favorite Mac notebook ever (and we’ve had a lot of them): The 11-inch MacBook Air with a 1.7GHz Dual Core Intel Core i7, Turbo Boost up to 3.3GHz. Those things were real road warrior champs!

MacBook Air Core i3 vs. Core i7. MacBook Air now features the new scissor-switch Magic Keyboard, delivers up to two times faster performance and starts at a new lower price of $999.
MacBook Air now features the new scissor-switch Magic Keyboard, delivers up to two times faster performance and starts at a new lower price of $999.

AppleInsider has now benchmarked the base 2020 MacBook Air with i3 processor, and the high-end quad-core i7 MacBook Air to see how much of a performance difference there — and to see if the i7 is worth the higher price tag.

Andrew O’Hara for AppleInsider:

Aside from the processors — and corresponding price increase — there are no differences between models of the 2020 MacBook Air.

Across the board, the new machines can now be configured with up to 2TB of internal storage, start with a higher 256GB of base storage, have adopted the 10th-generation of Intel’s processors, now use the Magic Keyboard, and have more powerful Intel Iris Plus graphics that can power a 6K display.

For the base 1.1 GHz dual-core i3-1000NG4 processor, we scored a 1074 and a 2412 on the single and multi-core tests. On the 1.2GHz quad-core i7-1060NG7 machine, we managed a 1294 and a 3514 respectively.

Those are no small gains. The roughly 20% single-core benchmark gain is good, but the near 50% multi-core gains are excellent. This is due, in part, to shift from a dual-core to a quad-core chip.

MacDailyNews Take: So, if you plan to use your MacBook Air for some processor-intensive apps, that $250 for the quad-core i7 will be money well invested.


  1. Unless the i3 is somehow much faster than the i7, why compare at all?

    Let’s set some new goals. New processor will use less than a watt. It will generate Geekbench numbers in the 500,000 Area. I will render all scenes, 4K, in 0.2 sec, and 8k in 0.4 seconds. It should be able to compute the worlds weather in no more than 100 cycles of the cpu clock. It can be used in any form factor, not excluding the human brain.

    1. The comparison is so people can see whether to upgrade to an i7 or not. For some users, the upgrade won’t be worth it, for others it is a no brainer – with or without an i7 or ARM A15 installed in that brain

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    2. i7 is well worth the investment for anyone who creates something besides email. Time savings does add up.

      Better choice: wait for the next 13” MacBook Pro which is going to be updated imminently. It’ll have the new keyboard and it’s a much better all around model for most users. It has more ports, for one thing.

      On a tangent about why test Macs, well why not? More data is always good if you’re on the fence trying to decide. It’s also the real reason for this site supposedly to exist. I would prefer it if MDN posted only Mac spec comparisons. That would be infinitely more helpful than the toxic political hellstew MDN actively condones now. MDN then wonders why their Google Ad littered site isn’t earning money. Duh. Axe the xeno attitude and obvious political trolling, post nothing but Mac news, and the glory days would be back. Everyone is sitting working at home in front of their Macs, remember?

      1. Yeah but ad rates are down, likely across the board. Mac users rarely have problems compared to Windows users, so are they really a good source of google ad revenue?

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  2. I bought the upgraded i7 with my 2013 Air with 8GB of ram and it’s still my daily driver. Even if you’re an average user, the faster processor and more ram will extend the usable life of your Macbook by a couple of years.

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