Apple prepping a shape-shifting Magic Mouse?

Apple’s Magic Mouse of the future may have shape-shifting capabilities by actually changing its physical shape in order to make itself more comfortable to each user’s hand.

Apple prepping a shape-shifting Magic Mouse?

Malcolm Owen for AppleInsider:

In a patent granted by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office on Tuesday titled “Mouse Having a Shape-Changing Enclosure,” Apple proposes the idea of having a single mouse for all users, one that can alter its physical dimensions for the user.

The filing describes how a mouse can have an enclosure containing articulating members, with an exterior surface at the top meant for the placement of the user’s palm. An actuator is contained within the enclosure that attaches to the articulating member, pushing and pulling the mouse between different positions.

While the articulation could apply just vertically, Apple also suggests the possibility of a mouse becoming wider. Slide-out sections on the side, again controlled by actuators, can pop out into a variety of positions to accommodate a wider grip.

MacDailyNews Take: A shape-shifting Magic Mouse would be great for traveling (when traveling is a thing again). Just set the mouse to be as small as possible while in your backpack/bag and make it resize larger for comfort when in use!


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