Apple’s AirTag trackers likely powered by removable coin cell battery

MacRumors is reporting that “AirTag” is indeed likely the marketing name of Apple’s widely-expected item tracking tags and each unit will likely feature a removable CR2032 coin cell battery, which will help users keep track of their personal belongings such as backpacks, purses, wallets, keys, etc. The AirTag moniker was initially uncovered in iOS 13.2 code.

AirTag removable battery. Image: Apple AirTag
Apple’s tag image asset in iOS 13 code
Joe Rossignol for MacRumors:

We’ve also learned that the tags will likely feature a removable CR2032 coin cell battery… CR2032 batteries are not intended to be recharged and need to be replaced over time… Users will be required to pull a tab on the AirTag to activate the battery, and then bring the tag near a device like an iPhone or iPad to initiate the pairing process.

The above information is based on a prototype of the AirTag, so the final plans could vary. Last month, for example, it was rumored that the tags will feature magnetic charging similar to the Apple Watch, but that would require a rechargeable battery.

MacDailyNews Take: When these are finally available, they’re going on everything!

Last month, TF International Securities’ analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said AirTag units would likely include the Apple-designed U1 chip for Ultra Wideband support and predicted that shipments would reach tens of millions of units by the end of this year.


  1. My Cats want an AirTags. They don’t go out on their own, we go out together, but our yard is a forest with many trees, large 3 feet high ferns, 15 ten foot high and wide Rhodies. The Cats can be 3 feet away from me and I don’t see them. I want to track them with my phone. Sound like Star Trek aphone, “Tricorder indicates feline life form 3 meters to our left Captain.”

    1. You actually make a really important point! Usually lost pets have to be captured to be identified — this way, they’ll almost certainly be in range of an iDevice at some stage every single day. I’d be getting these on my pets’ collars as soon as they come out.

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