Apple launches ‘She Creates’ to celebrate International Women’s Day in stores around the world

Apple has announced the launch of ‘She Creates’ in order to to celebrate International Women’s Day in Apple Retail Stores around the world.

Throughout March, Apple Stores worldwide will host a series of over 5,000 Today at Apple sessions titled “She Creates” to highlight inspiring female creators using photography, design, technology, business, music and film to address tough topics, explore new perspectives and empower their communities. Select stores will host more than 100 sessions led by women across industries and mediums who are empowering those around them through creativity, including co-chair of the Women’s March Linda Sarsour, musicians Meghan Trainor and Victoria Monét, designer Carla Fernández, and many more.

Apple International Women’s Day. Image: Today anyone can sign up for two new Today at Apple sessions in Apple Stores worldwide. In a new Music Lab featuring the music of Alicia Keys, participants will learn from her creative process to remix their own version of her new song “Underdog” using GarageBand on iPhone and iPad.
Today anyone can sign up for two new Today at Apple sessions in Apple Stores worldwide. In a new Music Lab featuring the music of Alicia Keys, participants will learn from her creative process to remix their own version of her new song “Underdog” using GarageBand on iPhone and iPad.

“Celebrating the work, spirit and contributions of women is so important to Apple,” said Deirdre O’Brien, Apple’s senior vice president of Retail + People, in a statement. “We’re thrilled to recognize International Women’s Day through the ‘She Creates’ programming series and bring these experiences to our stores so everyone can be inspired by some of the world’s most passionate and innovative creators.”

Beginning today, anyone can sign up for two new Today at Apple sessions inspired by women and led by Apple. A Music Lab featuring the music of Alicia Keys invites participants to deconstruct her new song “Underdog,” learn what inspires her to create, and remix their own version using GarageBand on iPhone and iPad. A new Art Lab titled “Playful Portraits” draws inspiration from three female artists from New York, Tokyo and Warsaw. The session will guide participants in transforming an everyday photo into a work of art with patterns, stickers and colors using the Procreate app on iPad Pro.

Special sessions hosted by female creators are planned in select stores around the world. For more information on the “She Creates” series, visit

Additionally, Apple will celebrate International Women’s Day with the following activities:

• Every day in March, the App Store is celebrating the women who bring the apps and games people love to life. In the US, each App of the Day and Game of the Day for the month will highlight work by female developers, designers and entrepreneurs.

• Starting today, customers can explore the Apple TV app’s International Women’s Day collection from women who are changing the narrative through storytelling across the movie and TV landscape. Curated collections include Bold New Voices, Women Directing Women, Rebellious Icons and Recent Watershed Moments in TV — all sourced from the Apple TV app’s robust video offering of Apple TV+ original series and movies, hit new movies to buy or rent, popular streaming apps and premium Apple TV channels. And for a limited time, the Apple TV app is offering extended free trials from Starz, BritBox, History Vault and Lifetime Movie Club channels, featuring inspirational and compelling female-empowered shows and movies. The International Women’s Day collection on the Apple TV app can be found at

• On March 8, International Women’s Day, a new curated collection on Apple Podcasts called “Changing the Narrative” will feature podcasts celebrating women podcasters, shows and stories. Apple Books will feature exceptional women recommending their favorite books.

On March 8, Apple Watch users completing a walk, run or wheelchair workout of 20 minutes or more will earn an exclusive Activity award and animated stickers for Messages.
On March 8, Apple Watch users completing a walk, run or wheelchair workout of 20 minutes or more will earn an exclusive Activity award and animated stickers for Messages.

Also on March 8, Apple Watch users around the world can earn an exclusive Activity award and stickers for Messages when they complete a walk, run or wheelchair workout of 20 minutes or more.


        1. Spoken like a true soy. Men and women don’t have equal talents or abilities, no one is holding women back, they simply aren’t leaders, engineers, cooks, athletes, lawyers, accountants, professors, surgeons, etc. at the same rate as men. This is oftentimes because they aren’t interested in being socially programmed corporate cogs.

          1. Interesting statement: “they aren’t interested in being socially programmed corporate cogs.”

            I can’t swallow completely, w/o some thought, but there maybe some relevance there. Men definitely have a leaning in that direction.

            I never think a woman is lesser than me, so the up front shows of such activism, can be tiring posturing to me. Tim has a tendencies in this realm, imo.

  1. Sigh. Apple under Cook are pandering idiots. I have so little respect left for this company I used to champion. I applaud women in tech the same way I applaud people in general in tech (I’ll be happy to demonize equally, too), that’s great. It is not 1952, however. Yawn. It is a strange dichotomy that Silicone Valley claims to be on the cutting edge while simultaneously being stuck in attitudes that have virtually disappeared decades ago. Cook’s Apple seems to only see the past, and that does not inspire confidence. There are a few things that are actually meaningful that keep me on their platform – this ain’t one of them.

    1. Historically speaking, every day.

      White males are — and long have been — rewarded with oversized wealth and power at every level in most western nations. There is endless data to prove systematic bias against minorities throughout western recorded history. White men as a class never had to struggle to free themselves from slavery, educational restrictions, and institutionalized banking bias. Women had to unionize and fight for generations before white dudes ran out of excuses to treat them as if they weren’t intelligent enough to vote.

      If you refuse to acknowledge this objective truth, that is highly indicative of your personal bias.

      On a positive note, it is impossible to have individual liberty and at the same time prevent the connection of mutliracial societies. Given the freedom, connections will grow between all peoples. Only bassackward thinking idiots truly believe concrete and steel walls are a good investment, especially in the modern era. Like it or not, even the most isolationist dogmatic controlling societies are giving way to multiculturalism. The overwhelming majority in the future of humanity will have chromosomes from homo sapiens and neanderthals of all colors. Hopefully the paranoid few in the USA will eventually accept this positive change.

      No one will stop you from celebrating Old Bitter White Guy Day. But then, we know what a loser party that would be. You only celebrate when you drag someone else into the political mud pit.

      1. “The overwhelming majority in the future of humanity will” be Racism is dead, all companies nowadays have to comply with federal regulations to treat EVERYONE EQUALLY or face legal action and the more than willing liberal media will zealously report infractions.

        You want to CRY about the past? Well, you can’t change history so it is more prudent to move on with equal opportunity for ALL…

    2. You beat me to it, Kent! But to be fair and balanced, Men’s day is more appropriate.

      Yes indeed, when is Apple “Celebrating the work, spirit and contributions of MEN is so important to Apple,” NOT said by Deirdre O’Brien

      Wonderful for women, but are contributions of men equally important or less important, Apple?

      If Apple does not EQUALLY recognize the contributions of MEN, then they are playing a SEXIST GAME and in danger of alienating the male population.

      This is what the Democrat Party does daily, and it’s OFFENSIVE that Apple PLAYS Democrat Politics when Steve famously said and warned:

      “Some people have said that I shouldn’t get involved politically because probably half our customers are Republicans – maybe a little less, maybe more Dell than ours. But I do point out that there are more Democrats than Mac users so I’m going to just stay away from all that political stuff because that was just a personal thing.” — Steve Jobs

      More here:

      Apple CEO Steve Jobs: ‘I’m going to just stay away from all that political stuff’

      So what’s next from the Apple SJW Liberal CEO Cook, international Black, Hispanic, LGBTQ, Union, Teachers, Illegals and the rest of groups that vote for Democrats?

      Listen to Steve’s wise words, Tim. Bad for business and you put all Apple employees in a awkward political position they did not ask to be in and have NO SAY IN. Unbelievable!… 😡

      1. Do you even listen to yourself? Women are not a minority group; they are well over half the American population. Non-whites are 27%. Hispanic-Americans are 16% of American citizens (non-citizens don’t vote except in Fantasyland). Immigrants are 13%. LGBTQ+ are 4.5%. 5% belong to a union. 3% work in primary, secondary, and higher education. Obviously, there is some overlap, but at least 70% of all Americans fall in one or another of the categories that you don’t think that Apple should “pander to.”

        Isn’t it the business of business and government to serve the public good, not just the interests of a privileged third? I suppose you don’t think that Apple or the government should pander to the half of the population that is under 38 years old, either, or to the half that makes less than $32,000/year.

        It is a surprising fact that only 1% of Americans are in the top 1% of wealth. It is not pandering for the government to serve the other 99%. It is not pandering for Apple to serve the largest possible customer base.

        1. “Women are not a minority group; they are well over half the American population.”

          Again, you have a reading comprehension problem and your touchy liberal politics blinds you to understanding my post.

          Yes, according to the U.S. Census website women are 50.8% of the population. NEVER said they were a minority, this fact has been known to me for YEARS.

          “I suppose you don’t think that Apple or the government should pander to the half of the population that is under 38 years old, either, or to the half that makes less than $32,000/year.”

          Absolutely correct! I DO NOT think Apple should be involved in pandering or politics at ALL! Read the sage words of Steve warning about getting involved and choosing political sides. Oh, but possibly you think your hero SJW Cook knows better, is that correct?

          “It is not pandering for Apple to serve the largest possible customer base.”

          Have you lost your mind to stray off point and not address my post as written? Obviously.

          Well, let me spell it out for you since you are incapable of comprehension.

          SIMPLY PUT, Cook should take Steve’s advice and STEER 100% Of PARTISAN POLITICS. Bad for business is only the beginning…

          1. Nobody except a dwindling faction thinks that supporting women and minorities—the new American majority—is a partisan political position. Most Americans see equal rights under law to be non-partisan patriotism. If Apple were supporting white nationalism, that would be a political position… and a very ugly one.

            1. I REPEAT:

              “Have you lost your mind to stray off point and not address my post as written? Obviously.”

              Too easy DEFLECTION specialist…

  2. My father was almost an adult when women were finally recognized as “persons” under the law. So that is aaaaaages ago, and there is obviously NO trace of that left… similar to how there is no longer any racism.

  3. I think there’s a valid point to be made that multi-culturalism has over-swung. Living in a mainly white neighborhood causes a lifted eye brow and men, often white, are secondary because there’s a type of quota to fill.

    Thinking about skin color, or body parts, to reset injustices isn’t justice at all. Though speaking of race, MLK’s statement (s) are often lauded, but they’re kept in the closet all too often, because the “mission” supecedes.

    Assuming “old bitter white guy” applies to all that shake your cart is pure presumption and and easy “answer.”

  4. I am not joking. I JUST went to the Apple website to compare iphone 11 with 11 pro. I was going to head out and buy one of them. The first thing I saw on the splash screen was the “to the women who are changing everything” page. I was so turned off. I googled reactions and got to this page. I am certainly not going to go and give 500-1000 dollars now to a company that feels one gender deserves recognition over another gender. F That. If there is one thing we should have learned from victim culture, it is that once you allow a group to identify as past, present, or future victims, they will NEVER give up that status and always use it against you. I can think of 5 groups who have historically and to this day, relentlessly ask for favoritism for victim status. No thanks. I’ll keep my aging Galaxy s9 for another year and see what happens. If Samsung feels it appropriate to splash smug women on their website then I’ll get a different phone. This is SICK.

  5. If International Women’s Day offends you, buy your iPhone on one of the other 365 days this year. That way, you could pretend that the women, ethnic groups, religious minorities, sexual nonconformists, and others who include roughly 70% of the US population don’t exist and that only your minority matters.

    1. What a sad sad sad POS victim you must be to think that way. The ONLY thing for sure, is that you will always need handouts, favors, unearned recognition.. as you are weak in the body, mind, and soul. lol I pity you.

    2. Thank you, but white male Christian Baby Boomers like me have already had enough undeserved recognition at the expense of others. We don’t need any more favors.

        1. Oh, tough guy throwing the Jesus card! I’ll call.

          I know what you make Jesus out to be in your imagination but years of religion study and comparison as well as historical reading makes me sick of those who invoke Jesus to insult another person.

          Compared to the modern depiction, Jesus was a filthy liberal minority sect Jew whose total 3rd hand recorded words and deeds take up less written history than this website. He would have spoken Aramaic, his name would have been spelled Isa, and his 12 original followers, though trying to keep the party going, didn’t outlast the Jewish revolt and subsequent Roman burning of Jerusalem.

          Paul revived and re-interpreted the stories decades after the adventures of Jesus and his merry men, never having met the man/creator/ghost. Only when Paul held his rallies in the slums of Antioch (second largest city in the Roman Empire at that time) did the new religion take hold. It gave slaves and indentured servants hope.

          Unfortunately Paul and his boys didn’t have any direct facts. The best they could get were some second hand snippets from Peter — and there was a huge falling out because Peter didn’t believe Paul was accurate. Paul erased all of Jesus’ Jewish culture. Jesus never claimed to be a messiah, he was a Jewish prophet. But Paul needed to recreate the man into a god to found a new religion. Instant best seller. Paul liked boys so women were cut out as much as possible. Dad Jesus, aka Big Joe, got reduced to being a hapless carpenter who could not afford a decent hotel. The only witnesses to the supposed resurrection were almost entirely edited out of the Good Book. Why? Because they were women!

          It took centuries of revisionism for a thoroughly corrupt boys club church to turn Jesus into the historically inaccurate anglo-saxon Latin-tongued 3-in-one Wonder you choose to believe in now.

          Let’s guess, you actually belong to a minor branch of the church that throws out 90% of the Bible you claim to have read. You don’t have the patience to take in the full Jewish history stuff, you only have time for the greatest hits of the 12 boy band.

          Also, which Bible? Well that’s another interesting discussion. There are at least 36 different versions. You might be reading the King James version, the one that injected all the feudal Lord and King anachronistic bullshit. Those egitists needed worship. Jesus and his contemporaries would have honored their ancestors but worshipped the sun. (That is correct, Sun of God, the burning orb that gives all life and takes the world out of darkness). The actual Jesus, assuming he existed as more than a legend, would have predated lords and kings.

          You know, Christianity is a global minority religion, don’t you? A screwed up illogical religion like most of the rest. You probably never bothered to trace its history.

          The tales of a composite character like Robin Hood are every bit as instructive and inspirational, plus they support the modern America taste for conflict and weapons and feudal society. Those Nottinghamshire tales are 1000 years more contemporary and applicable, written in English. Why don’t you worship Sir Robin of Locksley? Unlike gay desert dweller Jesus, Robin gets it on with Marian, another core value for you to appreciate.

          Apple content: Legend has it that Robin could easily strike an Apple from great distances with bow and arrow. There is no evidence that pansy Jesus could pull back a bow, or know what a bow was, nor know what an apple was. That is why the wandering tribes including the one Jesus supposedly belonged to were easily displaced from the middle east by far superior societies. Now you propose to worship the losers??????

          Maybe you should judge another based on actions and deeds rather than measuring him with your bastardized 2000 year old Jew textbook.

          1. Who “threw the Jesus card?” I wasn’t invoking the Lord’s name in vain or otherwise, just pointing out that self-identified Christians are given social advantages not shared by religious minorities in America.

            An indication of that is your suggestion that we should reject “that pansy Jesus” because he was a Jew.

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