Apple CEO Steve Jobs: ‘I’m going to just stay away from all that political stuff’

“At the Wall Street Journal’s D conference, technology columnist Walt Mossberg took Apple CEO Steve Jobs through a comprehensive grilling session,” Always On reports. Mossberg questions Jobs about Mac OS X’s lack of viruses, the tech economy, politics, Apple’s corporate sales, Pixar and more.

Steve Jobs
Steve Jobs

An excerpt:

Mossberg: Correct me if I’ve described this wrong, but I think it was announced that you recently signed up as economic advisor to John Kerry? Is that the right way to say it? What’s that all about?

Jobs: I called him up and said that I’ve had a little bit of experience with advertising and I’d be glad to help him on advertising. Then a week later I read that I was an economic advisor.

Mossberg: So are you an advertising advisor? Are you an economic advisor, or are you involved in their campaign to some extent?

Jobs: I’ve offered to be. We’ll see what they take me up on.

Mossberg: Do you think he’s more tech friendly than President Bush, or is it broader issues in your mind that pull you that way?

Jobs: Some people have said that I shouldn’t get involved politically because probably half our customers are Republicans – maybe a little less, maybe more Dell than ours. But I do point out that there are more Democrats than Mac users so I’m going to just stay away from all that political stuff because that was just a personal thing.

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  1. Exactly how does steve know more apple users are democrats???? (Republican here.)

    The most public Mac user in the U.S. is the Rush Limbaugh – conservative Republican to the max.

    Anybody ever seen a photo of Democrat and Apple board member Al gore ever use a Mac or any Apple computer????

  2. Conservative Mac user here. Vote Republican. I do so because my taxes are too high, I believe in personal responsibility, the sanctity of life, and the preservation of traditional values. I choose a mac because it is the best choice for me. I choose to cast my vote for Bush/Cheney in Nov. because it is the best choice for me – although I wish Bush would be less liberal when it comes to federal spending.

  3. Republican Mac user here. Glad to finally hear a well-known figure say he’s going to avoid talking politics. I wish more of them would follow his lead. Proves Steve is smart after all.

  4. he just said, “like, maybe….i dunno….its a personal thing” so…he’s just guessing, folks. if the country is as evenly split as it seems, it seems reasonable for someone’s guess to fall to one side or the other based on their own anecdotal evidence.

  5. James
    Your taxes are too high because your president needs your cash for his war. What do you expect? Who do you think should be paying for it? The public school system?
    I’m baffled by your common sense in being a Mac user considering the reasons you will vote for Bush… Weird…

  6. Gren –

    Well, we knew this would devolve into the same thing it always does–so . . .

    “because your president needs your cash for his war”

    Well, it’s my war too. Oh yeah, and it’s Kerry’s war too since he voted for it. AND he just recently went on record and said he would vote for it again even if he had known for a fact there were no WMDs.

  7. just so you guys know, Paul’s comments don’t reprsent all Democrats perspective on things. I may disagree with my conservative bretheren, but I still have a healthy respect for their ability to come to their own conclusions, speak their mind, and fight for what they believe in.

    i also would like to say that pretty much everyone who is not a murderous psychopath, also believes in the ‘sanctity of life.’ No political party has a stranglehold on that. I assume James was talking about abortion rights. So I guess he can further clarify that he believes that life begins the moment a sperm hits an egg. I disagree, but I feel that is where our debate should be at. It seems that the misnomer Prolife has unfairly steered the whole debate of the choice to abort a pregnancy.

  8. Shempzilla, why should well known people avoid politics? If you believe in something, you should make your voice heard. In fact, I think it ‘s good that celebrities voice their opinions because they can actually catch the ear of the media.

    It’s kind of sad that Repubs are saying that actors should stay out of politics these days when their favorite past president was an actor.

  9. Auctoris, Please don’t misrepresent the facts.

    The congress voted to give the AUTHORITY to the president to decide to go to war. The CHOICE was always in his hands. And assuming that we found mass stockpiles of weapons in the inspection process and Iraq kicked out the inspectors, I myself would have backed this war.

    A vote for to give authority to declare war, is NOT a vote for war.

    And Kerry is right to stand by his decision. After all, giving the authority is what helped get Saddam to let in inspectors again with unparalleled access. That’s a good thing. Declaring war with no evidence at all of weapons or impending threat, that’s a bad thing.

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