President Trump may invoke emergency powers to combat coronavirus

President Donald Trump’s administration is considering invoking emergency powers through a law called the Defense Production Act, Reuters reports citing two U.S. officials who requested anonymity, in order to rapidly expand domestic manufacturing of protective masks and clothing to combat the coronavirus in the United States.


President Trump may invoke emergency powers to combat coronavirusThe use of the law, passed by Congress in 1950… grants the president the power to expand industrial production of key materials or products for national security and other reasons. The biggest producers of face masks in the United States include 3M Corp, Honeywell International Inc and Kimberly-Clark Corp.

Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Alex Azar… said at a congressional hearing on Wednesday that China controls “a lot of the raw materials as well as the manufacturing capacity” related to face masks. “Very little of this stuff is apparently made in the (United) States, so if we’re down to domestic capability to produce, it could get tough,” the DHS official told Reuters.

A White House official confirmed that the administration was exploring the use of the law to spur manufacturing of protective gear… “Let’s say ‘Company A’ makes a multitude of respiratory masks but they spend 80% of their assembly lines on masks that painters wear and only 20% on the N95,” the White House official said. “We will have the ability to tell corporations, ‘No, you change your production line so it is now 80% of the N95 masks and 20% of the other.’”

Trump invoked the law in 2017 to address technological shortfalls in a vaccine production capability and other items such as microelectronics.

MacDailyNews Take: Currently, according to the latest figures from Caixin, there are 78.962 confirmed cases in China, 36,117 recovered, 2,308 suspected cases, and 2,791 deaths. Confirmed cases outside of China total 4,906, with 77 deaths in 52 countries.


    1. Mussolini Wannabe will use any excuse to grab more power.

      Orange Fuckwit will claim C-19 is the reason for 3 straight years of record deficits, underfunded health agencies, and the blatantly obvious appointments of acting agency chiefs who are totally unqualified.

      It doesn’t do any good to throw “1.5 billion which we think is a lot. Some republicans think more. We’ll take whatever we can get…” at the fire department after your barn has burned.

    2. Also, Melania is really Russian and she was able to lure Don into her grasp. Putin’s “honey pots” are quite powerful. After being “captured” by Melania, he “agreed” to become a Russian operative and the story proceeds from there….The story about the “golden sheets,” well, that goes a little too far.

  1. Misinformation president Donald who slashed funding of the CDC put anti-science Fundie Pence in charge of the Prayer Breakfast to vigorously pray to God to stop the spread of the Corona Virus. I understand. Maybe there is a Christian iOS app for that.

    1. So you are saying Pence will do nothing but pray?

      Just like Washington did?
      Just like Jefferson?
      Just like Lincoln did?
      FDR, Truman, Ike, Kennedy???
      Carter, Clinton and Obama??

      You mean pray like all those ‘losers’ did in times of trouble???

      I’m sure you’ll come back with ‘fundamentalist’ jargon, but can you then discern what differs Pence’s beliefs from the others??

      And BTW, he is very qualified to handle this, much more so than Obama’s reckless handling of Ebola. Lucky THAT didn’t get out of control (maybe he prayed….)

      Anyhow, it won’t matter what Trump/Pence does it will be labeled extreme.
      Stop travel to China as soon as it started? EXTREME!!
      Ask for at least $2.5 billion to begin battle? EXTREME small amount (never mind Schumer has no idea where $8 billion would help, it’s just a bigger number and shows he cares more).

      Trump could’ve asked for 8 billion and they would said nothing less than 12 is enough.
      Of course this would give Democrats more money to throw into slush funds…which is all they want.

          1. Says the child that wouldn’t know a free market if he lived in one. Which you don’t.
            By the way. I do believe in a “free market” so you don’t have a clue about me.

        1. Smart people don’t believe a thing that the whacky, untruthified, YouTube-equipped, Little League-taxiing fake news maestro of minus, ShyytyzenX says at any time ever, even if it meane Steve Jobs did hold Shyyty’s peen as they both used his shop’s WC at the same time back in 1985. Shytty is the CoronaVirusX of the forums here.

      1. According to Fortune, “…if the administration hadn’t spent the past two years largely dismantling government units that were designed to protect against pandemics…”

        “…The cuts started in 2018, as the White House focused on eliminating funding to Obama-era disease security programs. In March of that year, Rear Adm. Timothy Ziemer, whose job it was to lead the U.S. response in the event of a pandemic, abruptly left the administration and his global health security team was disbanded.”

        Just imagine, the vindictive DonnieTinyHands disbanding it just before it is needed. It makes Obama’s caring policy look visionary, eh?

        More Donnie stuff: “The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) was forced to slash its efforts to prevent global disease outbreak by 80% as its funding for the program began to run out….”

    2. Hmm, I think there were a few notable scientists Through the Ages, John, that happened to believe in God, so conflating prayer with anti-sci is purely ignorant.

      I think your Marxism might be showing.

      And, a little cursory reading, coupled with honesty, will equip you from spreading mis-info about the so called CDC cuts. There were no such cuts. In fact, there was an funding increase. The AP investigated and responded to the “news” you’re likely spreading (credit: Biden/Bloomberg). Google is your friend.

    3. You lie. President Trump did not “slash funding of the CDC.” Only Congress can appropriate funds for such things as the CDC.

      Trump’s budgets had proposed cuts, but were overruled by Congress where there’s strong bipartisan support for agencies such as the CDC and NIH. In fact, financing for both has increased.

      1. Right. He just tried to slash funding for programs to protect public health and safety, but was saved from himself by Congress. Same excuse as how he just tried to withhold funds from Ukraine, but was saved from himself when the unauthorized sequester was exposed. That gave the Senate cover to regard trying to violate the law as not worthy of removal from office.

        1. Slash, slow growth or cut funding?? Get it straight.

          Also, in regards to your Pence stance, would it have been better if Trump waited six months and thousands of people died before doing anything? Think THAT would bring out the media and all the leftist dogs to drool?

          It amazes me (though it shouldn’t) how little the left cares about reality, only slant.
          Here’s your moment of zen….

          Notice the timeline??

          Oh, and your Ukraine diatribe?

          1. TowerTone,

            I am not sure what points you are trying to make. I never criticized the decision to use emergency powers to deal with Covid-19, only the decision to put somebody in charge whose record on public health issues ranges from poor to none. I also pointed out that the current Administration attempted to drastically cut funding for public health, and specifically for fighting infectious disease, but was stopped by Congress. Getting stopped does not get them off the hook for the original decision to slash.

            In addition to the foiled attempt, President Trump actually did dismantle much of the Executive Branch framework for dealing with public health emergencies that he had inherited from the prior administration. None of that suggests that the current regime had taken public health threats seriously until they were forced to by events. That is part of a pattern of ignoring expertise unless it supports a prior political position. It is another version of “Coal is Good Politics, therefore Climate Science is False,” “Limiting Immigration is Popular, therefore making up facts about it is Good,” and “Isolationism pleases my base, so anybody at the State Department or in the Intelligence Community who argues for international cooperation is a Deep State Villain.”

            As for the first of your cited articles, even if I were to accept the implied argument that the Obama Administration handled H1N1 much more tardily and poorly than the Trump Administration has handled Covid-19, that does not excuse the obvious mistakes that have been made in the last month. Whataboutism is not a valid argument. King Edward III arguably handled the Black Death even worse. So what?

            The second article points out that Hunter Biden is a complete weasel who has grown wealthy with no discernible skills apart from his family connections. I agree. The same could be said of Sam Houston Johnson, Donald Nixon, Billy Carter, Neil Bush, the Duke of York, and countless others (some might even include a couple of Trumps). The article also points out that there is no evidence that either Hunter or his father have done anything illegal. All that the author blames Joe Biden himself for is bad judgment in defending his son’s indefensible behavior. Again, so what?

            At the time the President was violating the Impoundment Control Act by withholding appropriated funds from Ukraine without notifying Congress, there was no ongoing political corruption involving the Bidens. Whatever leverage Hunter might ever have enjoyed evaporated on Election Night 2016. Any Ukrainian official involved in that past hypothetical corruption had been swept from power by the more recent Ukrainian elections. There was no—repeat NO—evidence, however slight, of current Ukrainian corruption that would justify withholding the appropriated funds. The Departments of Defense and State had both signed off on that fact.

            The President never mentioned corruption in the infamous phone call. What he did mention, as his immediate response to an inquiry about American military aid, was that he wanted the Government of Ukraine to announce that it was investigating the Bidens as a “favor.” Everybody who has spoken publicly on the issue (under oath in a forum allowing cross-examination) has confirmed that Ukraine was well aware of that requirement for receiving the aid. The President of Ukraine had already booked a CNN interview to pay the price of saving his country when the scandal broke and the President released the funds. Note that there was no requirement that Ukraine actually find any dirt on Joe Biden, only that it hurt him politically by announcing that he was under investigation.

            Again, getting stopped by an outside force does not get him off the hook for trying to use his official authority to obtain a personal benefit, nor for asking a foreign government to help him win an election. I remain astounded that so few people who claim to be conservatives are upset at an effort to use Federal Government resources to intervene in domestic electoral politics. If Obama had done it, he would have been removed in a heartbeat.

            1. The implication is that nothing Trump does is right and whatever Obama/Biden does/did is just fine.

              You will argue about anything except what is right. If there is reported corruption in a country taking money from us and the executive of the branch that enforces laws AND handles foreign affairs wants to find out what the hell (no matter who….) then so be it. He has still done more for Ukraine and against Russia than Obama ever did, despite the left’s wet dream that Russia got him elected.

              Feckless leaders in the past are what got him elected. If he wants to find out how our tax dollars are being washed and returned as political favors, the I’m all for it.

              You can go back to the status quo but I’m sick of it.

            2. Ok, so I call Hunter Biden a weasel and agree that his father has been defending the indefensible, and you interpret me as saying that whatever the Bidens do is fine. Amazing.

              You ignored my real point, which is that “what about the Bidens?” is not a defense for what President Trump did. He has called on at least three foreign governments to intervene in American domestic politics by providing dirt on his opponents. In one of those cases, his representatives actually sat down in the same room with agents of the foreign government with the intent of accepting their assistance.

              In another, he violated a federal law by impounding appropriated funds in an attempt to force the foreign government to denounce his opponent, when the illegal impoundment could have harmed America’s national interest. Do you really want another Iron Curtain across Ukraine and the rest of Europe?

              All of which relates to my original point that I am getting tired of Trump apologists defending their guy by pointing out that one or another of his really bad ideas didn’t do any harm because one of the adults in the room saved us (and him) from the consequences. His attempt to cut the funding for public health is one of those cases.

            3. He didn’t call on any foreign governments to intervene. He didn’t impound any funds anymore than he stole an election. You leftist just can’t lose an election. This is what happened when you pass out participation trophies, no one learns how to lose.

              What you are saying is he isn’t allowed to find out what happened.

              Sounds EXACTLY like someone who takes sides for a living.
              In other words, unless he lets the Bidens off, HE is breaking the law.

              Think about that. You’re saying no matter what happened in the last administration it can’t be investigated.

              I know Austin is the Liberal Layover Lounge but this kind of shit don’t fly in regular flyover country.

            4. I don’t live in Austin. I live in an extremely conservative county near Austin. Apparently, you live someplace in flyover country that does not have television, or you could have watched Mr. Trump asking Russia, China, and Ukraine to intervene in real time. If your local schools did not teach you why using American government assets in an attempt to force a foreign government to assist an American political candidate is wrong, then you are past all help. That is what he did, not just express idle curiosity about what happened.

            5. You’re used to arguing one side, winner take all and to the death, facts be damned.
              You will USE facts, but reword them to take on your meaning.

              Yes, we have TV up here in the Dallas area and I’ve seen reporters use this tool for decades but never so much as they are doing with Trump, which is why I look at many, many places for info and not just one broadcast or paper that simply retells what the daily talking points are, repeated almost verbatim by other networks and papers so that they quote each other and show ‘overwhelming evidence/support’ which is NOT the same as truth. I will never believe 2+2=5.

              Just this last week it was reported Trump called the virus a hoax. Lie.
              It was reported the coronavirus panel was not allowed to speak their mind. Lie.

              This is how reality is distorted and people like you take that and argue it to death even after disproven, so I will type this next section very slow and loud…..


              Your use of technicalities of the law and my idea of truth and reality in relationship to fairness are VERY different.

            6. Yes, Vice-President Biden did request Ukraine to replace the prosecutor. It was not his idea. He was doing it as the spokesman for, and at the specific unanimous request of, the United States Government, NATO, the European Union, and the International Monetary Fund. By the time Biden made the request, the prosecutor had already suspended his investigation of Burisma (probably because he had been bribed to do so). Appointing a new unbribed anti-corruption prosecutor put Burisma at more risk of prosecution, not less.

              Joe Biden, of course, never said anything that remotely resembled a “CLAIM HE MADE UKRAINE FIRE THE PROSECUTOR IN CHARGE OF INVESTIGATING THE COMPANY PAYING OFF HIS SON SO THEY WOULD GET THEIR BILLION.” There is no evidence that the Vice-President got a dime. Hunter was going to be paid as an “influencer” for as long as Burisma was in business, which became less likely, not more, with the removal of the corrupt prosecutor. Again, I agree that Hunter is a weasel and Joe is foolish to support him, but there is no proof that either of them broke any laws… not even the Impoundment Control Act that Mr. Trump did violate.

              I get it that you DON’T CARE that an elected Government official used the powers of his office in a (fortunately frustrated) attempt to obtain a personal political benefit for himself. I get it that you DON’T CARE if potentially hostile foreign governments are interfering in American elections at the invitation of that same alleged public servant, or (at the very least) are being allowed to interfere while he minimizes the threat.

              My point was, and is, that if we cannot trust our President to tell the truth about one subject, how is he going to provide leadership in a public health crisis that he has also minimized?

          2. Oh, and as for your Obama H1N1 “timeline,” the President declared a Public Health Emergency in April 2009, when there were only 20 confirmed cases in the US. The pandemic was declared in July. The Public Health Emergency declaration was supplemented by a National Emergency Declaration in October, but that just added to an ongoing effort.

            It is worth noting that there were ultimately 60 million cases of H1N1, but only 12,000 deaths. The lethality of “swine flu” was much lower than the 0.1 for ordinary seasonal flu.


      1. Free markets are a cult?
        Is China a ‘free’ market?

        Do you think Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua will fare better than free market societies?
        Oh, wait those are third would countries….ever wonder why?

        1. No I don’t wonder why. Where are all the idiots whining about government overreach? What happened to the reagan “I’m from the government and I’m here to help” idiots.

          1. Same place as always. Understanding the Constitution and reality.

            Maybe you have a different definition of ‘overreach’, which would explain your confusion on many issues.

            Here’s a good use of the word “Citizen X has overreached his understanding between government’s responsibility and government’s power grab”.

            Class dismissed….

            1. Every day Pence repeats different versions of “I’m from the government and I’m here to help.”

              For some unknown reason the libertarian fringe hasn’t turned on him with their pitchforks. Yet.

              Con Don will avoid yet another one of his administration’s obvious incompetent debacles by throwing another acting official under the bus. Faux news will deflect and spread the ironic message that this administration took “unprecedented actions” (which will not be identified) and will back any authoritarian statements made in the self-interest of their party.

              You know that the congressional budget for fighting the virus will be half spent on building Donny a new bunker at Maralagoo.

    1. How has it been run into the ground?

      Wasn’t it the Democrats who screamed when the administration tried to get a handle on this very early??

      But I mean that SOUNDS like such a cool tweet, which is all it takes to impress some people….

        1. So you are prejudiced? Or maybe hopeful??
          How disappointed will you be if he succeeds???

          I don’t think this is going to work out to the Democrats advantage other than freaking out the markets that will most likely recover by late summer.

        1. My guess is that CitizenX would be a billionaire if he had acquired control of his family’s $200 million business in 1971. In fact, if he had taken the money then and invested it in a stock index fund, he would be about twice as wealthy now as a certain self-proclaimed Business Genius.

            1. Then you might have been able to outperform a stock index fund. Almost by definition, the growth of such funds is proportional to the rise in value of the average stock on the index. That means that the successor firm to Elizabeth Trump and Sons had significantly worse performance than the average company on the indexes that did so much better from 1971 to date.

            2. Business genius? No, CrappyzenX, you’re a farkwheet of the highest order, a lyingue boaster who should be far too busy and important to waste his valuable educating us bumpkins here on MDN. No, you’re just a fake farkweet with a tiny weener, which is the opposite of what your avatar suggests you should have. Sad.

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