Mobile World Congress cancellation is good news for Apple’s ‘iPhone SE 2’

Apple is expected to soon unveil a new (relatively) low-cost iPhone based closely on the iPhone 8’s physical specs and design. Yesterday’s cancellation of the 2020 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, could very well be good news for Apple’s “iPhone SE 2” launch.

iPhone SE 2 good news. Image: Apple's 4-inch iPhone SE
Apple’s 4-inch iPhone SE
Ewan Spence for Forbes:

Apple has already created a massive advantage with the ‘out of cycle’ launch of the iPhone 9 (née iPhone SE 2) which is widely expected to happen in March. Now that MWC Barcelona has been cancelled and many Android manufacturers are postponing the launch of their handsets, that advantage has increased.

While it would not be admitted publicly, a glance at the calendar shows that nobody goes up against Apple’s iPhone launch events.

Next month’s iPhone 9… is going to have the same advantages to Apple’s community that the original iPhone SE had. But in the wider market, it has gained another advantage… Thanks to the cancellation of MWC, the competing Android mid-range Android handsets that would have been debuted in Barcelona in front of the world’s media have lost a huge amount of press coverage.

MacDailyNews Take: Enter Apple’s new low-cost “iPhone SE 2” to suck up even more media oxygen than usual – good news for Apple yet again!


  1. That’s all fine, but I don’t expect Apple to make a big marketing splash with iPhone 9. It’ll be more like the release of the unexpected new iPod touch (A10 Fusion) last year. Quiet. Apple would rather sell previous year’s iPhone XR starting at $599, instead of iPhone 9 at a lower price and profit. iPhone 9 is there to provide an option for potential customers who would otherwise go Android. It’ll take the spot occupied by iPhone 8 right now, with minimal fanfare.

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