Have you forgotten about Apple’s App Store for Messages?

You know that row of apps at the bottom of Apple’s message composition window? Have you forgotten about them or do you know them well? Do you ever tap the white and blue App Store icon for Apple’s App Store for Messages that’s located within?

With the release of iOS 10 in 2016 Apple promised to the power of the App Store to Messages, opening up new opportunities for developers to create fun new ways for users to communicate in a thread, including stickers to be peeled and pasted into conversations, the ability to quickly personalize GIFs or edit photos, send payments, and schedule dinner or a movie, all from within tMessages.

App Store for Messages - Classic Mac sticker pack by Apple Inc.
Classic Mac sticker pack by Apple Inc.
Jonny Evans for Computerworld:

Once the appeal of sticker packs wears off, there just doesn’t seem to be much inside Apple’s forgotten App Store for Messages.

Take the time to rifle through the contents of the app drawer (which is what Apple calls that row of apps at the bottom of your Message composition window) and you might find a few stars, beyond #Images and Apple Pay.

Game Pigeon, for example, is one of the better items you’ll find, in part because it actually does something. The app consists of a vast collection of games (including mini-golf, Checkers and Chess) that you can play with your friends using Messages.

You may also come across a smattering of tools for knowledge workers, particularly Dropbox, which lets you find and share items with others via Messages. I do find it thought-provoking that Apple has not introduced a Messages app for iCloud Drive that works in a similar way. It makes me question if even Apple takes its iMessage apps seriously?

The overwhelming perceptions I get when I visit this particular App Store are those of inattention and absence. It feels a little like wandering through an abandoned home.

MacDailyNews Take: Well, we do use Apple Pay Cash, of course, and also Classic Mac stickers, so we haven’t totally forgotten about Apple’s App Store for Messages! Have you used Apple’s App Store for Messages recently (or at all)?


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