How to play ‘Halo’ on your iPhone or iPad with Microsoft’s Project xCloud

“Project xCloud,” the codename for Microsoft’s new game streaming service, is now available in beta for users to test out, bringing popular titles like “Halo – The Master Chief Collection” to Apple’s iPhone and iPad. AppleInsider has spent a few hours playing to test it out and shows how to play ‘Halo’ on your iPhone or iPad.

How to play 'Halo' on your iPhone or iPad with Microsoft's Project xCloudAndrew O’Hara for AppleInsider:

As we tested it out, the lag, text overlays, or other idiosyncrasies can for the moment be blamed on its TestFlight status rather than any real issues with the app itself. Fortunately, bugs we did see were few and far between.

You need at least 10Mbps internet speed via cellular or 5GHz Wi-Fi. For our time using it we relied on a gigabit Wi-Fi 6 network on our iPhone 11 Pro Max. More than enough to ensure that our internet connection isn’t to blame for any playback issues.

MacDailyNews Note: Apple CEO Steve Jobs was furious to lose Mac-loving Bungie, makers of “Halo,” to perpetual-follower Microsoft after he debuted the first Halo movie at Macworld Expo 1999.


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