Download the gorgeous new ‘Aerial’ screensaver for your Mac

There’s a new version of Aerial out, what Lifehacker’s David Murphy calls “the greatest screensaver for macOS that you can get.” Aerial lets you use the gorgeous videos that Apple TV uses as its screensaver on your Mac.


David Murphy for Lifehacker:

And with Apple just having released 11 more lovely videos themed around the sea, now’s as good a time as any to grab the new version of Aerial and enjoy the new content.

Before we dig in, know that you should absolutely download this latest version of Aerial if you’ve upgraded to macOS Catalina. Not only does running Aerial 1.6.0+ unlock HDR playback, but it’s also the only way you’ll be able to get tvOS 13 videos. Most importantly, earlier versions of Aerial don’t work in macOS Catalina, period.

MacDailyNews Take: More info, download, and installation notes for Aerial screensaver for Mac are here.


  1. I’d argue that “word of the day” is perhaps the greatest Mac OS screensaver you can get and if there’s a more useful and delightful one than that then I’d be glad to hear it. Style over substance, “lovely videos” over expanding your vocabulary, what kind of limp wrist writes this crap?

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