Google Maps is getting a big new update on iPhone – here’s what’s new

The Google Maps app is getting a redesign on iPhone and Android to celebrate Google Maps’ 15th birthday. It makes more features easier to find and includes new public transit and augmented reality options coming in March.

Google Maps on iPhone and Android. The new Google Maps home screen
The new Google Maps home screen.
Todd Haselton for CNBC:

The redesign makes the app easier to use and doesn’t require as much digging to find some options. It focuses on five icons on the bottom of the screen, three of which are new. In addition to the Commute and Explore buttons, which were already in the app, you’ll soon see buttons labeled “Saved,” Contribute” and “Updates.”

In March, Google Maps will get a couple of additional new features that expand on what’s already available. For instance, you can already see how crowded a subway car or bus might be before you get on it. Soon, you’ll also be able to see the temperature, whether or not there are accessibility options like dedicated seating areas or a “women’s section” in places where transit systems have that.

Google is expanding its “Live View” augmented reality feature… Soon, instead of just big arrows showing you where to go, there will be a more simple red dot showing you where and how far away a destination is.

MacDailyNews Take: We don’t use Google Maps on our iPhones, but competition in mapping apps is a good thing as it will push Apple to make Apple Maps even better. We can’t wait to see Apple Maps on our Apple Glasses!


    1. Yep, Apple Maps is pretty useless here in Australia. I tried to use to walk from a train station to an address about 1km away and the route was incredibly stupid. If I followed maps it would have been 4kms. Luckily I met a friend who was going to the same place. It took 15 minutes rather than an hour. Apple maps phooey !

  1. When browser only maps was first introduced on google website featured the ability to drag your route to your preferred re-routing. I missed this feature and don’t understand why Apple cannot add such a useful user interface.

  2. Unfortunately Apple Maps is no viable alternative to Google Maps in Europe. Both the underlying database and the functionality of the search is far inferior compared to Google. I very much hope that this will change with the announced update as I do not really like to use Google Maps.

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