FusionLens for iPhone takes your photography to a whole new level

FusionLens for iPhone promises to take your iPhone photography to a whole new level. FusionLens is an optical system designed for capturing anamorphic, wide angle, fisheye and 360° pano images with your iPhone.

FusionLens iPhone photography
FusionLens for iPhone

Steven Sande for Apple World Today:

Meticulously engineered for mobile photographers, FusionLens is a dual-lens optical system to empower an iPhone to capture multiple visual effects.

FusionLens is comprised with two sets of 30mm optical lens (each lens with 210° field of view) covering the front and rear camera. Snap it on your iPhone, two lenses will align perfectly with your iPhone cameras without the need of adjusting lens position.

MacDailyNews Note: There are FusionLens photography products for iPhone X/XS/XS Max, iPhone 11 Pro/Pro Max, and for iPhone 7/7 Plus and iPhone 8/8 Plus.


  1. Meh. As boring as an applecynic commment and as useless as CitizenX. I thought this was an app, it’s just overpriced meh applecynic-and-CrappyZenX-level utterly useless. Meh.

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