Apple Watch looks poised to get exciting new health features

Apple Watch health features
Apple Watch
Apple CEO Tim Cook has again spoken publicly about the company’s focus on health and wellness technologies, this time with IDA Ireland CEO Martin Shanahan upon accepting an award in recognition of Apple’s 40-year history in Ireland. This seems to bode well for exciting new Apple Watch health features.

I think you can take that simple idea of having preventive things and find many more areas where technology intersects healthcare, and I think all of our lives would probably be better off for it… I’m seeing that this intersection has not yet been explored very well. There’s not a lot of tech associated with the way people’s healthcare is done unless they get into very serious trouble… Most of the money in healthcare goes to the cases that weren’t identified early enough. It will take some time but things that we are doing now – that I’m not going to talk about today – those give me a lot of cause for hope. — Apple CEO Tim Cook

Jonny Evans for Computerworld :

His argument is being picked up on by health practitioners worldwide, particularly as millions succumb to relatively preventable conditions such as obesity or diabetes…

He’s basically arguing that technology can be developed capable of providing early warning of big health problems, empowering people to take better care of themselves… eading between the lines of what Cook said it seems clear that when it comes to preventative health Apple is focused on Apple Watch…

We can already guess this means the company is developing new health sensors, new activity sensors and enhancements to its already life-saving heart monitoring tools. When it comes to software, Apple will certainly be looking to develop health-focused machine learning systems capable of monitoring how we live and offering up useful advice to help people stay well.

MacDailyNews Take: Apple Watch saves lives, with many more to come!


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