Apple releases Reality Converter beta for Mac

Apple Developer Center:

The new Reality Converter app makes it easy to convert, view, and customize USDZ 3D objects on Mac.

Simply drag-and-drop common 3D file formats, such as .obj, .gltf and .usd, to view the converted USDZ result, customize material properties with your own textures, and edit file metadata.

You can even preview your USDZ object under a variety of lighting and environment conditions with built-in IBL options.

MacDailyNews Take: Universal Scene Description is a graphics framework for interchange and augmentation of 3D data which was created by Pixar and used by Apple in their augmented reality systems. File formats used by the standard include those with the .usdz extension. More info:


    1. Pixar is Disney. They buy computers from Dell and several other vendors, they were never Apple exclusive from day 1. All the Pixar games are made for Windows. Up to 2019, Cook has practically done everything possible to avoid supporting businesses that attempt to use Apple as a reliable and trustworthy supplier. Apple has only the Mac Pro going for it, and they priced it as if they want to punish Disney for daring to compete against ATV.

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