A wishlist for Apple’s iPadOS, iCloud, and HomeKit

Browsing the internet on iPad is so immersive it’s like holding the web in your hands. And now, powerful new features make Safari on iPadOS a desktop-class browsing experience.
Powerful new features make Safari on iPadOS 13 a desktop-class browsing experience.

9to5Mac‘s Bradley Chambers has assembled his 2020 Apple wishlist that runs the gamut from new hardware to iOS 14 and iPadOS 14.

Bradley Chambers for 9to5Mac:

Wi-Fi 6 was included in the iPhone 11, but it’s been absent from all of Apple’s other product lines… I hope that as we get to December of 2020, Apple will have Wi-Fi 6 across the entire product line…

Expanded mouse support (drag and drop, etc.) would go a long way with putting the iPad on par with the Mac in terms of usability. For heavy iPad users, expanded mouse support will be essential in iPadOS 14…

Apple continues to sell $149+ [Apple TV] boxes. I’d love to see the 1080p box go away in favor of a $79 Apple TV stick with the same hardware… I’d love to see Apple invest in [HomeKit Secure Video] doorbells.

MacDailyNews Take: We strongly advise against putting any cameras in your home that do not supports HomeKit Secure Video. We’d also love to get a stylish Apple video doorbell and security cam setup, but, if not, we’ll choose from this list of HomeKit Secure Video cameras.

We want all of the other stuff Bradley’s wishing for, too!


  1. Well Bradley, it’s not likely all your hopey changey stuff is going to happen in the next calendar year. Since Cook has taken the reigns, slow, slower, and glacial progress has been the order of the day. Hardware and software changes that used to happen annually are now extended as long as possible, with key flagship products like the Mac Pro seeing no real change for 6 years. iPhones, once upon a time updated every couple years, are now relaunched as apha coded “Special Editions” to unload old hardware 4+ years after the original design. It took not one but 4 years to covert iOS devices to Lightning connectors from the old 30-pin dock, and that was only really accomplished by letting some excellent products die (iPods). Moreover, most of the stuff you propose Apple should do is low margin copycat stuff that already has better established competition. It’s unclear why anyone would need, for example, an Apple TV Stick. Why can’t they just stream media from their iPhones to a larger screen device? Apple has done everything possible to make that hard, including overcharging massively for a simple Lightning-to-HDMI cable adapter.

  2. I’d rather they just plug the holes and button up all the stuff they have now. Everything they have needs a little work in the software department. I don’t expect perfection..just the Mac experience I’m accustomed to.

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