Amazon Fire TV crosses 40 million active users globally

Amazon's $39.99 Fire TV Stick streaming media player with Alexa Voice Remote
Amazon’s $39.99 Fire TV Stick streaming media player with Alexa Voice Remote

Reuters: Inc said on Monday its streaming device, Fire TV, has surpassed 40 million active users globally, maintaining its lead over rival Roku Inc.

Roku in November said it had 32.3 million active accounts.

The newly disclosed figure is up 8% from 37 million users the device recorded in September.

MacDailyNews Take: Amazon Fire TV stick goes for $39.99, which goes a long way toward explaining how the device got to 40 million active users in just under 6 years (launched on April 12, 2014).


  1. Apple even with ATV+, apps, etc, would do even better if they cut the price on the ATV. Get the 32gb model under $100, sales would probably increase significantly ..

  2. I just got one — you can’t justify getting an AppleTV for $149 when a Fire Stick costs $30, which is what I paid for mine, especially if all you want to do is stream Netflix, Prime Video, AppleTV+, Hulu, or Disney+. And yes, there are settings that allow you to turn off any listening or tracking.

    BTW, I don’t think the image is quite as good as AppleTV. And of course you can’t screen mirror or use your iTunes library on a nearby Mac to play videos you have ripped. So there are limitations.

    Still, for 1/8 of the price I got the Fire.

    And you know what, I hated myself for liking it so much. Amazon is pulling me into their ecosystem with Prime. I wonder if Apple is making a mistake by not having a competing cheap product.

  3. To be honest I am surprised that Amazon only have 40 million active users. After all they must have a significantly larger number of prime users and the fire stick is probably sold at cost.

  4. The article is not clear but if it is only considering Fire TV sticks, perhaps it doesn’t take into account other Fire TV devices including Smart TVs with it built-in.

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