How IKEA’s smart blinds work with HomeKit on iOS and through Siri

Jon Ratcliffe for HomeKit Authority:

After months of waiting, Ikea has now started rolling out HomeKit support for its FYRTUR and KADRILJ smart blinds. While I have been using Apple’s smart home platform for several months via Homebridge and pleased with how it works. Let’s now look at the official HomeKit deployment and it works with the Ikea smart blinds.

While Ikea has taken its time and missed the original delivery for its HomeKit support for the smart blinds, albeit only by a few weeks. They have done a good job and everything seems stable, which is more I can say for its own App.

The control via HomeKit is responsive and gives you a good level of control over the blinds. Being able to include them in HomeKit automations will be a major relief for users that have tired of Ikea’s own timers failing to work.

Being able to control the blinds with Siri voice assistant from Apple Watch, iPhone or HomePod is great.

MacDailyNews Take: The key for blinds, obviously, but not included here, would be for them to have integrated light detectors that could then be programmed to automatically respond to a sunlight/darkness in whatever way the user desires.


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