Intel unveils 10th Gen. ‘Comet Lake’ CPUs with speeds over 5GHz

Dr. Ian Cutress for AnandTech:

For CES 2020, Intel has disclosed a couple of products for consumption: moving its 10th Gen mobile CPU line in to 45 W hardware, but we also had a couple of details about the post-Ice Lake hardware, called Tiger Lake.

With the 45 W mobile CPUs, it’s important to note that we are talking about Comet Lake here – Intel’s latest 14++ nm microarchitecture derived from the original Skylake but optimized from the latest Coffee Lake hardware. What this means for users is essentially a small improvement in frequency: Intel isn’t saying that much with what the new CPUs will bring at this point, but they are pointing out that they will be hitting 5.0 GHz with the new 45W Core i7 parts, and more than 5.0 GHz with the Core i9 hardware.

MacDailyNews Take: That’s about all they can wring from 14nm, we imagine. In short, Intel’s got nothing much, really. Bring on the Apple-designed ARM-based Macs!


    1. @ Wrong Again: Well AMD teased their latest greatest Ryzen Threadripper 3990X yesterday at CES. Tellingly, they revealed number of cores, size of cache. power consumption. Not a peep about performance or clock speed. And your glorious golden company, Apple, is too stuck up to reveal any products at CES. If the RISC chips were so much better in PERSONAL COMPUTER uses, as opposed to iOS thin client portables with highly constrained capabilities, would Apple be tooting their own horn? You bet they would. Apparently they don’t have the hardware to achieve obviously superior value or performance — that’s why Intel remains their one and only chip supplier for Macs. Stop whining and accept reality.

  1. The usual peanut gallery has arrived to take their snipes at the most successful American chip foundry. How tiresome.

    But as always, they fail to point out superior capability chips from any other company or offer any objective data. Who else is shipping 5 GHz chips in quantity? Do tell us, Wrong As Always. The latest and greatest AMD Ryzen Threadripper 3970X tops out at 4.5 Ghz.

    Okay, so that’s performance. Well surely the peanut gallery is laughing because Apple never has product delays. If all they can do is attack Intel based on schedules, why don’t we celebrate Apple’s flops and underwhelming products?
    Charging mat anyone? Too hard for Apple.
    Trashcan “thermal corner” – it took 4 years for the Apple idiots to even recognize the problem and 2 more to actually deliver a replacement, which appears like they designed it primarily for grating cheese rather than being a great value.
    Ping? what a joke.
    Airport? Apple couldn’t keep it going despite nonstop demand.
    5G connectivity? Sorry, early adopters, Apple will be last to arrive to that party.
    Maps? Pages? Numbers? iCloud? Apple TV? Carplay? Homepod? All still embarrassing works in progress with inferior performance/value and missing features compared to the competition.
    Mac Hardware? Apple keeps trying to extend its manufacturing cycles to 5 or 10 years and make them as unrepairable as possible. Sorry about 3 failed attempts at thin butterfly keyboards, apparently the peanut gallery thinks we should be happy that Apple shipped junk and serviced it over and over again in their luxury boutiques. Isn’t that nice?
    For $400 Intel will sell you a really great entry level CPU. For $400 Apple will sell you 4 casters for the bottom of your new Mac Pro desk art. Surely that will make up for the shitty keyboards. Let’s all praise Apple for being so good to its customers as it rips them off.

    Well Intel doesn’t ship fashion junk at inflated prices or half-finished software. Intel chip quality is unparalleled and they do it the hard way, without subscription services padding the bottom line. Apple has gotten so fat and lazy that its non-subcription products (yes, the iPhone is very much a subscription product) are all weak and/or slowly failing in the marketplace. Apple got greedy. The reason the Mac continues to lose ground to Windows isn’t because of Intel, every serious computer maker interested in total system performance seeks out Intel. Apple simply doesn’t have its eye on the ball, it’s trying to be a media distribution company now. If Apple was a leading computer maker, it would be standing shoulder to shoulder with Intel announcing the first Mac that would be shipped with the latest chipset. But no, Apple will be last to upgrade their computers to the latest and best chips. We’ve seen Tim do this before.

    Final thought: give it a few days and MDN will be rolling out baseless rumors hinting that Apple will use its own chips for Macs. Sorry, that’s not going to happen, unless someone at Apple is stupid enough to repeat the Windows RT debacle. For anyone in the know, which obviously doesn’t include anyone in the MDN peanut gallery, RISC A chips aren’t even close, and the TOTAL performance gap isn’t closing as the peanut gallery proposes. CISC is inherently better for powerful Macs, and long may it remain so.

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