Suspect’s Apple Watch used to prove he was lying about anti-Semitic stabbing

Apple Watch Series 5 in space black titanium.
Apple Watch Series 5 in space black titanium.

Police are crediting an Apple Watch for helping them solve the case about a man who claimed he was stabbed in an anti-Semitic attack December 15th.

Veronica Meadows, Fox 2:

Sean Sammit said he was attacked as he left a synagogue that day in the Jewish community in West Bloomfield. But police say he made up the whole story – and that they found out thanks to the information on his Apple Watch.

Sammitt is a former employee at Temple Kol Ami on Walnut Lake Road. West Bloomfield police say Sammitt claimed a man shouted anti-Semitic comments then stabbed him as he left work. Sammitt told police he fought the attacker off and drove himself to Henry Ford hospital.

But police say his story didn’t add up, and a thorough search of the parking lot found no evidence. That’s when they analyzed Samitt’s Apple watch and looked at his heart rate when Samitt claimed the attack happened.

Investigators say it was normal and should have been higher. But the watch showed before the attack that Samitt’s heart rate was elevated. That led police into the synagogue, where they say they found bloody tissues and a knife Samitt used to stab himself.

MacDailyNews Take: While it’s obviously wrong, and criminal, to fake a crime for what we assume are political reasons, who gave the police permission to access the Apple Watch? Sammit? If so, there’s another big mistake on his part. If not, Sammit’s lawyer, if they have any ability whatsoever, will likely be very interested in this question.


  1. I don’t think the police would be talking about the search if they weren’t confident that it was legal. Either they had documented consent or a warrant.

  2. If old mate or his lawyer entered the watch into evidence for verification and proof of location data, then that could have opened the door for the cops to analyze all of its data; no?

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