Wall Street edges higher as President Trump says ‘Phase 1’ China trade deal to be signed on January 15th at White House


Wall Street edged higher on Tuesday, recovering from a dip at the open, as President Donald Trump disclosed the date and location for the signing of the much-awaited initial U.S.-China trade deal.

Trump wrote in a tweet that the Phase 1 agreement would be signed on Jan. 15 at the White House and that he would later travel to Beijing to begin negotiations on the next phase.

Trade-sensitive tech stocks, including Apple Inc, were the biggest boosts to the benchmark S&P 500 index, which is on track for its best year since 2013 and the second-best year in two decades.

MacDailyNews Note: Good news. Hopefully, the next phase goes well.


    1. Which promises? Lie a minute from maralago. Record deficits and debt. Record farm bankruptcies. Record inequality. Record drug deaths. Record student debt. Near record trade imbalance.

      You seem impressed by a strongman wannabe who signed a billionaire tax break so corporate executives could cash in on bonuses due to inflated stock prices pumped up with one-time buybacks. A handful of Liberal cities have recorded 95% of total US economic growth, which is putting along at the same rate it has been since 2010. Main Street hasn’t seen a great leap forward. Small businesses struggling with trade mess can’t plan for the future since the only economic policy is to tweet every time the insiders need a profit boost.

      Phase 1 sounds like another joke. Let’s all celebrate the cleanup of another self-made disaster.

        1. Indeed you are, Goeb. You have your lips so firmly attached to the Great Orange Liar’s backside, you can’t even see what happens in front of your own nose.

          For example, when the corrupt administration breaks the law, it covers it up … until now. I predict however that when the Pentagon wants to keep America great against the corrupt actions of the Great Orange Liar, you will side with the Liar because you don’t even understand the complexities of US foreign diplomacy and defensive operations. The USA has over 2000 foreign bases, all of them formerly trying to cooperate with friendly foreign nations. The current administration now has 2000+ fortresses isolated around the world, with no friends willing to work with the US. After all, why work with the US when the current administration is so corrupt that it breaks US laws and attempts to cover them up REPEATEDLY. The latest on that here — not that a dimwit like Goeb thinks that this level of corruption is a problem. Goeb likes one-party fascist states as long as they issue tough tweets.


    2. Yea!
      Tump is balancing the budget and even paying it back!
      Trump has given us better health care that cost less!
      Trump is making Mexico pay for the miles and miles of new wall on the borders of Mexico and Colorado!
      Trump is giving average taxpayers huge tax cuts and it is not benefiting him in any way!
      Trump is so busy with work that he never has time to play golf! And we (taxpayers) certainly are not paying Trump 120 million dollars to play golf.
      Trump certainly didn’t put the economy’s future on a credit card, that other presidents and our kids will have to pay back . . . by massively increasing spending while giving the rich massive tax cuts that did not include tax cuts for golf course owners.
      Trump certainly knows more than our generals or intelligence agencies.
      And we are now much safer, now that Iraq is on the road to peace and we can now count on North Korea to defend us with their nuclear weapons from our arch enemies, Great Britain and Canada.
      And all our comrades, the GOP, had to do was sell out every principle they always claimed they had.
      Happy New Year!

          1. @ GoeB
            “Meh…” is the reaction I expected of you and other former Republicans (they don’t exist anymore) turning your back on your country. Ronald Regan would be ashamed of you.
            I know, because his Vice President is.

    3. Why are you content to be ‘Trump’s useful idiot? Trump scams you all and yet you worship him. Why do you celebrate his systematic destruction of the world that afforded you a life. Why do you hate so much? Why do you revel in the trampling of America’s image abroad?. Why do you get off on the suffering of your fellow Americans who don’t agree with you?. Why do you believe that science is wrong and gut feelings are more reliable? That the work of thousands of climate
      scientists with specialist dedicated knowledge is a hoax, a liberal plot, a socialist scam? What qualifications do you have that support your denial?
      Apparently you think you ‘destroyed me’, so go ahead, destroy me again with your answers, shoot this libtard down with some devastating truths and enlightening insights. The world needs to know why self-hate has space in your head.

      1. Note: I posted a link to objective facts. Something that Goeb, dd, and the rest of the Paid Deplorable Blog Network are just too lazy to do. They will instead issue personal attacks and Goeb will demonstrate his all-caps typing skills.

        1. “Paid Deplorable Blog Network are just too lazy to do.”

          Consider yourself lucky you are on an opinion site and I can easily dismiss a blind partisan IDIOT with ZERO FACTS…

  1. First: Happy New Year!

    Let’s start with Trump – he is a polarizing person (many President’s are) so I want to make it clear that I did not vote for him. I didn’t vote for Hillary either. I found them to be both unqualified for different reasons.

    I was VERY skeptical of the tariff play. It RARELY works. However, due to tax cuts and deregulation, our economy is amazingly strong, with record level low black unemployment rates, and beyond. I’m shocked at how well the country – overall – continues to do.

    That said, record low unemployment, record growth in family incomes and minority employment, it marked the perfect time to go after China and others to move to towards fairer trade policies.

    I represent many China-made components for multiple industries. Suffice to say, I know first-hand how this has impacted China and it’s worked. Hey, it’s worked. Again, I’m very shocked, but glad it’s turned out to give the US, even if minor movements on many trade fronts, a slightly fairer policy to work with and export US goods all the more.

    Now to deal with the massive government over-spending. Ack… It continues in spades and the House, Senate and President are all complicit in spending like druken sailors – no offense to drunken sailors of course.

    Again, Happy New Year everyone.

  2. Based on the comments, the Liberal-Conservative war rages on. And the MIC (Military Industrial Complex – Wall Street Gatekeepers are laughing at these clueless corporate media programmed automatons. They own both parties so how can the liberal-conservative voting fodder win?

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