Apple rumored to launch a new high-end Mac for e-sports gaming at WWDC 2020

Apple's new 2019 Mac Pro
Apple’s all-new 2019 Mac Pro

With Apple having launched Apple Arcade this year, could Cupertino enter the high-end gaming realm in the future?

Jack Purcher for Patently Apple:

Professional, competitive video game playing — the phenomenon known as e-sports — has seen double digit growth for much of the past decade. With a massive following, many say it will soon become an official Olympic event. Throughout the U.S., high schools are launching competitive gaming clubs, and even some colleges are offering scholarships to top players.

Today, out of the blue, a new rumor from Taiwan claims that Apple is planning to launch an e-sports-centric PC next year with a unit price of up to $ 5,000 (about NT $ 152,100), which will be the first time that Apple has entered the e-sports PC field…

According to supply chain sources, in addition to the high unit price of Apple ’s new gaming PC products, it may be a large-screen all-in-one (AIO) or a large-screen gaming laptop. Details are not clear at this time. It is expected to be announced at Apple’s Global Developer Conference (WWDC) next June.

MacDailyNews Take: The giant tooth shall be reborn as the e-sportsMac or “eMac” for short!

Apple's eMac
Apple’s eMac


  1. I have seen a little bit about competitive gaming, but it’s totally dominated by Windows PCs usually built from off-the-shelf parts. It doesn’t make much sense to me for Apple to try to break into this type of business. Quite a few Windows machines are starting to use AMD Threadripper CPUs and they almost always use NVidia GPUs. New gaming motherboards are available from so many different companies and they upgrade them almost every year with the latest and greatest components. I don’t see how Apple can possibly compete with so many hardware restrictions it sets for itself.

    It seems obvious from the new Mac Pro, Apple has the ability to build a high-end desktop, but building a gaming desktop doesn’t seem as profitable as selling workstations to corporations or render farms. I honestly can’t believe Apple would be interested in building desktops for gaming. I can’t even picture an Apple computer with RGB lighting. I’m not saying it’s impossible for Apple to do, but to me, it just seems highly unlikely. I don’t believe there is a way Apple is going to put a computer store like MicroCenter out of business.

    1. I think there are a few Apple products/sectors where others had doubts about Apple’s success and, overall, they have crow sticking out of the sides of their mouths. I imagine Apple has thought about the current standard/expectations and strategized a way forward.

      There was a time people couldn’t imagine not having a physical keyboard….

  2. pfft. where’s the pro-sumer Mac Pro? we need a Z390/i7/i79 based Consumer grade Mac pro around $3k! for Everyone else that does media stuff and can’t afford the High end stuff that seems not really fast currently.

  3. As a photographer, a hobbyist / enthusiast using higher end cameras, I want a higher end machine that allows me to select a free standing monitor. I need more power and flexibility than the Mac mini, but less than the Mac Pro. How many users like myself are out there? Does Apple recognize our needs?

    1. Every Mac allows you to connect an external monitor. I assume you need a single screen though?

      You can get a $6K iMac Pro that has an amazing 5K screen.

      But that said, yes, a nice Mac mini Pro would be sweet. And you should be able to snap a pile of them together like LEGOs to add CPUs, RAM, and SSD.

      1. Unfortunately an iMac Pro doesn’t work for me. I don’t like sitting in front of all-in-one computer screens. The EMFs radiating out are difficult for me. I prefer color critical, wide gamut, matte screens with less radiation, like those provided by BenQ, EIZO, or NES.

  4. I guess I would buy it in a heartbeat.
    Making a great hardware is a no-brainer for Apple. The issue is in software – PC gaming is Microsoft directX dominated console ports. Developers are not motivated to create games for Mac. Making on platform, Metal and a gaming Mac is a start.

    I hope it goes like it happened with iPad. Everybody expected Mac tablet and in contrast and suddenly everything else was a history.

    If Apple manages to redefine gaming its a jackpot that will pay dividends for decades. Exclusive high end games + maybe AR/VR + great shows, subscriptions, why not. My body is ready.

  5. I don’t think there is a very large audience at that price except the few professional gamers (most gamers are not professional). I think a better idea would be something similar to Mac Mini (similar price as well) but with an AMD GPU.

    1. There are too many things to point out but I’ll try to do it in an organized fashion. I’m not an expert in anything but I know a lot about this kind of thing….The best gaming PC’s can be built for under $3K. Anything over that is overkill. For under $3K you can build a PC that will push 140Fps at 4K-most serious gamers aren’t playing at 4K though. Why? Monitors/Displays (but that’s another topic). So WHY would anyone think Apple entering this space at a $5K price point is legitimate? I call total bullshit. The other point of contention is the fact that gaming is DOMINATED by NVidia GPU’s. Right now gaming PC enthusiasts may choose AMD CPU’s BUT will always use an NVidia GPU. The best on the market is an RTX 2080 Ti. AMD CPU’s and GPU’s demand more energy and run hotter and that can dramatically influence your PC build if you plan to use the rig you built for at least 2-3 years. All Apple has to do is build in support for NVidia into macOS then we (the Apple community) can have our own “gaming PC.” Which is my next point-that guy “Marko” who claims the Mini isn’t enough has no idea what he’s talking about. A fully loaded Mini-6 core CPU, 64GB’s of RAM and a super fast SSD is more than enough when you utilize an external GPU over Thunderbolt 3 as well as external storage. You can use an OWC “box” with an AMD W9100 and edit your photos on any matte display you like. So what the hell do think you need? IF we could use an NVidia RTX 2080 Ti with a Mac Mini we would all be wasting a lot time playing Steam games in the new year…so I would imagine either Apple is prepping NVidia options into their supply-chain or they are just updating their Mac Mini with actual discrete GPU’s to boost performance and NOT making an Apple branded “gaming PC.”

  6. Instead of thinking about “I’m a gamer and I like playing games” I think more about “I stream my games as a business and I’ll use anything that makes the recording and production easier”. Some streamers have recently shifted from consoles to PC because they have more control over their end products. So, as long as the game is available, they’re open to changing platforms (especially since some games let you retain your progress as you go).

    Just like the high end crowd for the Pros, they could go after a high end market with their first ARM enabled system. Make sure that a few games like Fortnite are available upon release, and price them such that the cost subsidizes the small numbers of them that will actually sell. Just to reiterate, this will NOT be a cheaper Mac Pro.. 😀

  7. If esports becomes an Olympic event, the world will truly have gone to hell. That notion is beyond retarded. It’s bad enough at that pool and poker get coverage on sports channels. They have nothing to do with sports. Ridiculous.

    If anyone expects a gamer to fork over high end Mac prices for their rig they are deluded. Maybe they hope to sell them in to the esports host venues and tournament runners etc. as professional rigs to use in the tourneys. But that seems to be a pretty low volume market.

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