Dear Apple: Why can’t we stereo-pair HomePods on our Macs?

Stereo pairs create an even wider soundstage for an incredible listening experience on HomePod.
Stereo pairs create an even wider soundstage for an incredible listening experience on HomePod. Mac, please, Apple!

Ben Lovejoy for 9to5Mac:

I can’t believe I actually have to ask Apple to add stereo-paired HomePods as a Mac sound output device!

It’s the most ridiculous Feature Request yet, because it’s absolutely nuts that this isn’t already built into macOS — especially that it isn’t baked into Catalina.

So I have the utterly ridiculous situation of having a pair of HomePods on my desk but not being able to use them with my Mac unless it’s through an app that recognizes stereo pairs. iTunes, Music, Podcasts, and Apple TV apps are all good… But YouTube, Netflix, or any other website? Nope: All I can do is select one of the two speakers.

MacDailyNews Take: Please bring AirPlay 2 support to macOS Catalina, Apple!


  1. I suppose Apple didn’t think consumers would be buying two at $350 apiece. At least HomePods are now more reasonable at $200 apiece which should prove useful to move inventory off the shelves.

    1. Why wouldn’t you want two in the same room? Not being able to afford it is no reason to not want it. With them being on sale for $200 regularly, they make a kickass sound system for an Apple TV with a big screen.

  2. I’d settle for audio synced to video with my 1 homepod, even through iTunes there’s a slight delay, forget Netflix, Youtube or DVDs. The sound quality is great but besides Siri my homepod (even at $220) is less versatile and responsive than a $20 bluetooth speaker.

  3. Been wishing for this for since day one with homePods. Apple, IMHO, doesn’t allow stereo pairs on Mac because it forces you to buy at least one iOS device to experience how good the HomePods are.

    Software vendors can make stereo pairs work from Mac. TIDAL can play through stereo pairs from Mac. Even Apple Music and Apple TV can play through sterompairs on Mac. Just not MacOS all on its own.

  4. I bought two last year ($250 at BH) and returned them after learning about this ridiculous limitation. Anything I can do on an iPad or iPhone I should be able to do on a modern MBP.

  5. All music is MADE for STEREO – so its insanely STUPID to use just one. The difference in sound is not 2x better its 2x2x2 better! Its spacious, less rumbling of the bass and insanely sharp in STEREO! And for a MOVIE – it should ALWAYS be in stereo – alt least!

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