Apple offers six months of Apple Music for free – if you do this

Here’s how to get six months worth of Apple Music for free this Christmas!

Karen Haslam, Macworld UK:

Everyone knows that if you like a track that’s being played on the radio, TV, or wherever you happen to be, you can Shazam it to find out what it’s called. But this right now Shazamming a track won’t only give you all the information about the hit – it will also give you a free six month subscription to Apple Music.

From now until New Years Eve you can get a six months subscription to Apple Music for free. All you need to do is Shazam something with the Shazam iPhone app.

MacDailyNews Take: Everybody who’s not already an Apple Music subscriber, hop aboard – ’til June!

TTK, interns. Cheers, everyone!


  1. tested Shazam, only 1 month not 6?? odd thing is it mentioned get up to 4 months, not 1 or even 6, but when you click in Shazam app for free trial it regresses back to 1 month? what is going on Apple?? where did MacWorld UK get this news, is it only available to Brexit Brits?? ; )

  2. US account here.

    D’loaded Shazam in the UK to an iPad. It offered a subscription at $9.99/month

    D’loaded Shazam in the UK to an iPhone. It offered 4 months free. Clicked on it. It took me somewhere in the iOS world (not on the web) where it was “redeeming a coupon”. The coupon redemption area then said the coupon is only valid in the UK.

    So, no cigar.

  3. Just tried it and it worked. “You’re getting Apple Music individual membership for free until Jun 21, 2020. After that your subscription will automatically renews for $999/month until cancelled.”

    So it works, but not family shareable.

    US account.

  4. I was supposed to get 3 months free after buying a Homepod through Best Buy, but it ended up being only 1 month. I’ve redeemed 2-3 of these trials in the past so they probably limit previous subscribers. Still don’t see a compelling reason to pay for it, I own the music I like listening to and I’ll buy new albums if I like the music. I can understand if you are going on a road trip or own a tattoo parlor though. I’ve been spoiled for decades by free AM talk radio, sending money to Hollywood for the trash they pump out doesn’t make sense.

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