Earthquake triggers California’s early warning iPhone app for the first time

In a milestone, California’s new statewide earthquake early warning smartphone app sent out its first public alert for a magnitude 4.3 earthquake that occurred Tuesday in the mountains between the Central Coast and San Joaquin Valley.

Los Angeles Times:

More than 40 people received the warning, said Jennifer Strauss, project manager for the MyShake app, which was created by UC Berkeley and released publicly in October. It is available on iOS and Android systems. Because of the weak magnitude of Tuesday’s quake, the area in which shaking was felt was relatively small…

The MyShake app relies on earthquake information calculated by the U.S. Geological Survey’s backbone ShakeAlert system, which gathers earthquake sensing data from a network of hundreds of ground sensors throughout the West Coast. Such systems can work particularly well in strong earthquakes, providing seconds of alert that allow dentists to remove drills from mouths, elevators to let passengers off and allow people to drop, cover and hold on before strong shaking hits.

MacDailyNews Take: First, but unfortunately it won’t be the last.

The MyShake app is available in Apple’s App Store here.


  1. I am nearly certain that Fundie Christians would regard it as the Tribulation End Times App to get an early warning since Holy Scripture only taunts and teases believers about when it — as well as the Rapture escape — will occur.

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