Forbes reviews Apple’s 16-inch MacBook Pro: Immaculate

The 16-inch MacBook Pro is the world’s best pro notebook.
Apple’s 16-inch MacBook Pro is the world’s best pro notebook.

David Phelan, Forbes:

I’ve been using the new 16in MacBook Pro since hours after it was revealed.

Build quality, like previous MacBook laptops, is immaculate: solid, detailed with every element integrated perfectly from those side speakers to the solid, flexible hinge. As is common on Apple laptops, this is perfectly weighted so you can open it one-handed, unlike many rival computers.

The 2019 keyboard has arrived on the new MacBook Pro, promising a return to the heady days of scissor switch. But, you know what? Using an older MacBook Pro alongside this one, I’ve come to realize that the new one is not as good as the 2015 landmark.

Honestly, it’s better.

The latest 16in MacBook Pro offers big advantages over the 15in model it supersedes. It has a big step up in power and performance, including battery life. The 16in Retina display is gorgeous and although it’s only a little bigger, it is enough to make a difference.

MacDailyNews Take: As this is typed from the road on a new 16-inch MacBook Pro, we can honestly say this model has already become our favorite Mac notebook, displacing our beloved 11-inch MacBook Airs; a feat we never thought possible. Yes, despite the extra size and weight, the 16-inch MacBook Pro worth every bit of it and then some!


  1. If you’ve got a MacBook Pro 16 and a really good Internet connection, preferably connected, have a seat and watch some of the 4K and 8K travel videos on YouTube. You can only do this through Chrome or Brave or some other Chrome based browser, but it is worth the experience.

  2. I was lucky enough to have purchased one of those vaunted 2015 MacBook Pros. Had no idea the 3 years of butterflies would plague the MB Pros, but every year I’ve thanked my blessing to have purchased when I did. That 15″ MBPro has been a daily workhorse these past 4+ years. Now I can realistically think about a replacement in 2020 (although that 2015 unit is so good I am not craving a change).

  3. I’ve been holding on to my older MBA throughout the whole butterfly imbroglio even though I’ve been read for an MBP for three years.

    I went to an Apple store the other day and tried do some typing and I concur: I was typing comfortably, quietly and error-free virtually immediately. I could barely write a sentence on the original butterfly KB, it sounded like a jack hammer and pounding on the keys hurt my fingertips.

    Plus all the other keen improvements.

    So hell to the yeah! Now all I have to do is convince myself I’ll actually to all those deferred projects that require higher end hardware that have been laying fallow, lol.

    PS: Forbes appears to be absolutely bipolar in their Mac coverage given that this is the machine they trash daily in their news posts.

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