iFixit grates cheese on Apple’s new cheese grater Mac Pro

iFixit grates cheese on Apple's new cheese grater Mac Pro
iFixit grates cheese on Apple’s new cheese grater Mac Pro


Join us as we open up and give you our first impressions of Apple’s brand new Mac Pro LIVE. This $6000 machine is the first modular Apple computer in a long time, and we can’t wait to see just how it’s put together!

MacDailyNews Take: Cheesy.

But, you know someone had to put the Cheese Grater Supreme to the test! We look forward to the full teardown.


  1. They should have said that they were doing a “silly” video up front instead of at the end. It was silly.
    Looking at the Mac Pro’s industrial design: “It’s really pretty.” Really?
    “2 USB A ports on the top.” Look like USB C to me. Haven’t checked the specs, but can’t imagine that that Apple placed USB A ports there. Am I wrong?
    “No Nvidia.” Nvidia has stated that they are ending support for Mac. Talk to them. Ask them why they won’t support Metal. The only recent Nvidia drivers used for Mac have been supplied by Apple. Nvidia’s response to the Mac community is a very loud “F-you.” AMD has some very good gpus these days.
    “Look there are labels to show where to load RAM slots. That’s cute!” Yes, “cute” is the word we were all looking for. (I might have gone for “helpful”, “useful”, “informative”, “user-friendly” or even “thoughtful.”
    Lastly, in all the years of the original “cheese grater” Mac Pros, I never saw anyone actually try to grate cheese on them. Guess it was inevitable. At least we know now that, regardless of the nickname, cheese grater Macs are not meant for grating cheese.

  2. You guys are way too serious. This is no different to Top Gear inventing ever more ridiculous ways to trash exorbitantly priced super cars that only 5 people in the world can afford. And…
    “There is no such thing as bad publicity” can be confidently applied here imo

  3. I love iFixit’s repair guides but they’re now too political and so narrow minded when it comes to the issue of reparability. I actually like the fact they tried grating cheese (who wouldn’t), it’s just good fun but they could offer so much more insight behind the components, processes and design of such an amazing machine. They need to take a step back, not everything needs to be designed so it can be taken apart and products aren’t automatically better because they can be taken apart.

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