Must See Video: Music producers put Apple’s all-new Mac Pro to the test with Logic Pro X

Mac Pro features an aluminum housing that lifts off for 360-degree access to the entire system.
Mac Pro features an aluminum housing that lifts off for 360-degree access to the entire system.

Jonathan Morrison, YouTube:

My 2019 Mac Pro Audio Review! This covers 28-Core performance in Logic Pro X with over a hundred tracks, hundreds of plugins and casually creating a song from start to finish in 2 hours.

Morrison hands the mouse to renowned music producers Andrew Dawson and Jackson Foote and singer / songwriter Giulia Wolf (WOLF):

MacDailyNews Take: Powerful video showing powerful music being created on the world’s most powerful Mac!

WOLF’s single “Immortale” via Apple Music is here.


  1. What this says to me, as a non musician, is that if a studio has a new Mac Pro, ALL the computer limitations of multitrack recording go away no matter how big the project is.

    Seems to me that in a studio that the other equipment costs hundreds of thousands of dollars, the Mac Pro is worth $25-60k in such a situation. 😀

    1. I agree that the price of a Mac Pro is “inexpensive” for professionals in a Studio setting. Anyone who has been to the NAB Convention in Las Vegas will tell you that $6000 is cheap (for example, the professional control panel for Davinci Resolve is $30,000 — for some keys and trackballs) . . . In regards to media outlets overblown attention to a “50 Thousand Dollar Mac Pro”, it’s important to note that much of that price is based on $20,000 for 1.5 TB of RAM (compare that to the maximum of 64GB on the new Macbook Pro 16″) . . . . — I look forward to the Youtube Video — “The Man Who NEEDS 1.5 Terabytes of RAM in his Mac Pro” because I have yet to figure out a real world use case where that would be necessary.

        1. I really believe the secret to the longevity to my 2012 iMac is the 24gb of RAM it has. Near as I can tell I only really need about 14gb to do what I do. The Mac OS is smart enough to use that extra ram to keep things running smoothly.

          As soon as Apple comes out with a iMac with the T2 chip, I’ll replace my iMac.

          Ps: for a desktop computer to have 1.5 Tb is incredible to me, the first computer I used was a PDP-11 which had 32 kilobytes and was shared by 8 schools over a 110buad modem. 🙂

      1. My first computer had 4 MB ram and 40MB hard drive. And I thought that was a lot. The Mac LC quickly became dated.

        I also remember telling my dad I would never pay more than 75¢ per gallon of gas back in the late 70’s. If only.

  2. Not the kind of music I make and love, but I congratulate everyone involved for the video…
    Everyone is skilled and pleasant.
    Especially Apple. You finally made the computer I have been waiting for.
    I am going for the 28 core Rack Mount.

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