New app ‘Rewound’ turns your iPhone into a classic iPod with click wheel – free in App Store now

Want to have some retro fun?

Tom Warren for The Verge:

If you’ve always wanted an iPod click wheel on your iPhone, a new app is helping to bring Apple’s iconic music player back into the modern touchscreen era. Rewound is a basic music player app that’s available in Apple’s App Store. It uses downloadable skins to transform the app into an iPod or more, and it syncs to an Apple Music library. It even includes haptic feedback so it looks and feels like a classic iPod.

Rewound’s developer, Louis Anslow of Rethought agency, has been working on the app for a year… The way the app has been built has allowed it to be published in the App Store, as skins are simply downloaded after the app is installed. It’s a clever workaround as long as Apple doesn’t pull the app, and it will mean others will be able to create additional skins in the future.

MacDailyNews Take: We tested it, it works, just be careful of changing the settings layout interface setting with certain skins or it’ll take some blind poking around to get things back in whack.

The App Store link for Rewound is here.

A nice link for iPod skins (light, dark, and red) via Twitter is:

Save the skins (long press or 3D Touch on each one) to your iPhone’s Photos and add them in Rewound’s Setings>Skin menu.

Have some retro fun!


  1. Nah.

    What was good about those old iPods is that you could do all sorts of stuff by feel without taking your hands out of your pocket. It was really nice on cold days, or when you didn’t want to have to stop to look at your gadgets. I wish Apple would remember that touch is an important way that people experience the world – stop making everything blank slabs.

  2. The “good old days” are now for me; I have a few working clickwheel iPods. Some are actually from before the scroll wheel “clicked” (separate buttons). Three of them have 64GB flash cards (on adapters) for storage instead of the fragile stock hard drives, and I still use them regularly 🙂 Those old monochrome-screen iPods have really excellent sound 🔊🎶

    1. Just download one and save as image through the Twitter link indies the app. After my last update the app stopped working and looks like it’s removed from the app store 🙁

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