Disney+ blasts off with 22 million mobile downloads, lands top spot on Apple’s App Store

According to app-tracking firm Apptopia, Disney+, which features an all-star roster of content that includes Star Wars, has taken off like the Millennium Falcon.

Jon Swartz for MarketWatch:

The streaming service, which made its debut Nov. 12, has been downloaded 22 million times to mobile devices in what is probably the most successful launch in the nascent industry’s history, according to app-tracking firm Apptopia.

The report says the app has averaged 9.5 million daily active mobile users, landing the top spot on Apple Inc.’s and Alphabet Inc.’s Google’s app stores.

Its roaring start, however, has not come at the expense of competing services from Netflix Inc., AT&T Co.’s HBO Now, Amazon.com Inc. Prime Video, and others, [Adam Blocker, who wrote the report], said. Netflix suffered a momentary dip in mobile traffic following the launch of Disney+, but has since resumed normal volume, he added.

Apptopia, which has measured mobile downloads and usage since 2015, does not include usage on devices like smart TVs, Roku Inc. boxes, Apple TV or desktop web browsers.

MacDailyNews Take: Obviously, this is an excellent start for Disney+ which is priced right (for now) and, as we’ve said previously, isn’t hurting other services.

Apple TV+, at just $4.99 per month, doesn’t have to disrupt Netflix by taking subscribers; it’s additive. Most people who already subscribe to Netflix will simply add Apple TV+, not drop Netflix for it. Many, tens of millions in the first year alone, will get Apple TV+ for free with the purchase of any iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, iPod touch, or Mac!MacDailyNews, October 21, 2019


  1. I’m a Netflix and Disney Plus subscriber but I still haven’t found a good reason to sign up for Apple TV Plus. They don’t even have any classic shows and movies. It’s very odd.

  2. Woke-Disney™ is making lots of money from old Disney, a company started by a Christian, a conservative, and proud American. And they’re so hypocritical about it that they include trigger warnings on some of that old content—the innocuous stuff that upsets delicate, moral preening liberals who aren’t happy unless they’re upset about something.

    1. Walt Disney was more of a nominal Christian who simply adopted the faith of his parents. He did not attend church as an adult, and indeed was more of what would be considered a secular humanist.

      “The Gospel According to Disney: Faith, Trust and Pixie Dust, by Mark Pinsky, an American journalist and best-selling author of a similar book about The Simpsons, shows that the film industry’s most family-orientated entertainer has rarely mentioned God, and that such religious figures as there are in its animated films are almost entirely bad.”

      “Pinsky, the religion reporter at the Orlando Sentinel, argues: “In the more than 35 animated features Disney has released since 1937, there is scarcely a mention of God as conceived in the Christian and Jewish faiths shared by most people in the western world and many beyond.”

      The book quotes Walt Disney’s daughter Sharon as saying that her father, who died in 1966, was a very religious man. “But he did not believe you had to go to church to be religious. He respected every religion. There wasn’t any that he ever criticised. He wouldn’t even tell religious jokes.”

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