Apple’s all-new Mac Pro and Pro Display XDR available to order December 10th

Mac Pro, the world’s best pro desktop, and Pro Display XDR, the world’s best pro display, will be available in December.
Mac Pro, the world’s best pro desktop, and Pro Display XDR, the world’s best pro display, will be available to order on December 10th.

Apple will release their all-new Mac Pro and the Pro Display XDR on Tuesday, December 10th, according to a “Save the Date” email message the company is sending out to interested customers.

Juli Clover for MacRumors:

Apple in November confirmed that the ‌Mac Pro‌ and Pro Display XDR would come in December, but until now, the company had not provided a specific date. Apple’s emails say orders will begin on December 10, so presumably shipments will begin soon after orders open up.

MacDailyNews Take: Apple made “fall 2019” by the skin of their teeth with the winter solstice set to occur on Saturday, December 21st.

The all-new Mac Pro starts at $5,999 and will be available to order in the fall. Pro Display XDR starts at $4,999, the Pro Stand is $999 and the VESA Mount Adapter is $199. All will be available to order in the fall. Additional technical specifications, configure-to-order options and accessories are available at and


  1. Where “shortly” is also yet to be determined. About the only thing a 10 Dec date permits is for companies to get PO’s processed within 2019 Calendar Year for tax purposes.

  2. Why are you so eager to nitpick, MDN? The Mac Pro release will occur in Fall 2019, as announced. Look at the positive side – Apple could have waited another ten days!

    I am more than a bit tired of the negativity on this site. We used to discuss the future with anticipation. Now this site wallows in the disappointments of the past. It is fine to be critical of merely “good” in the search for “insanely great.” But do not take that criticism to extremes to the point where you fail to appreciate all of the great things that currently exist.

    1. Apple deserves every bit of “negativity” and then some regarding their Mac Pro debacle. It was a colossal and stupid failure to go 6+ years with a dead-end Mac Pro. I respect MDN, the ultimate Mac fanboys, for telling it like it is always.

      MDN discusses the future very positively, including gushing praise for the new Mac Pro. Your criticism is invalid, it you actually read the articles on this site.

    2. Yes, why would anyone “nitpick” of a flagship desktop Mac that hasn’t been updated for 6 years. We should all just praise Apple in every endeavor, regardless of how much they screw up. That’s objective. We should only hear what we want to hear, not the truth, of all things!

    3. “Now this site wallows in the disappointments of the past”

      The MacPro disappointment is NOT of the past. It is a current disappointment and a major one at that. They still have not even announced a ship date, only an order date.

    4. I feel we all have a right to do a lot of nit picking. Apple is at least four years late with this box.

      Placing orders on 10 December technically fits the “it will be available this fall”. But no ship date has been announced. Is that to be 11 December? 23 December? 31 December?

      And will they trickle out like the trashcan did with very limited shipments until late January and not really getting the backlog of orders down to zero until about March. Will that silliness happen again? No one knows. Probably not even Apple.

    5. Thanks a lot for your post. I agree the negativity here is a real drag.

      Think about a world without Apple, flaws and all. Betcha would really get your yak on listing out them that Surface flaws, eh?

      Whiners and name callers head on home because you really contribute nothing at all.

      A month ago it was the same screed about the MacBook Pro. Enjoying my new 16″ considerably, thanks for asking

  3. Now if Apple would only enable buying options a few days in advance just so we can figure which options and how much it will cost us before the ordering date. An agonizing process ’til the end. Thanks Apple, and yes you richly deserve all the negative press for being so late in the day and apathetic about pro’s. Hopefully we’ll never see such incompetent neglect again.

    1. I also have 3 upgraded Cheesegraters and refused to buy the Cylinder. I needed the PCIe slots and just knew the design was too limiting and restricted for me. Plus, I’ll never buy another iMac again. They don’t last and have the same limits. The new Mac Pro is the only Apple computer that interests me and looks like it may be built to last.
      It’s amazing how good those cheesegraters are and still able to chug along and get work done.
      I’ll be getting the new Mac Pro but am fine and able to get work done with what I have.

      1. Sorry but it’s a well-earned demerit on the part of Apple and they deserve all the continued brickbats come their way to drive the point in as painfully as possible. Easy to say if you haven’t suffered from Apple complacency (that no other company would have the hubris to commit). And yes I did consider moving on to Windows.

  4. I’m so curious as to how well the new Mac Pro will sell as some people keep whining about how expensive it is. Yeah, I’m sure a powerful Hackintosh can be built for less money but not everyone wants to deal with a product that doesn’t have a warranty. The Mac Pro is well beyond my computing needs but I hope it satisfies those pro users who need such a powerful computer. Whatever Apple has done with designing the Mac Pro, there are going to be plenty of companies who are going to build some really radical computers that will likely leave the latest Mac Pro in the dust and there’s nothing Apple can do about it. I don’t know if Apple is going to be updating it every year but I’m not buying one so it doesn’t actually concern me with what Apple does with it. I only hope they keep it somewhat competitive with what other companies are going to do with their pro-model computers. Not updating a pro computer for six years seems insane for such a wealthy company but I guess they couldn’t do much with it unless they did a total redesign. The cheese-grater design should never have been replaced and Apple messed-up big time.

    I just went to the Apple site and I noticed there weren’t any refurbished trashcan Mac Pros available. I wondered what happened to them. I only wanted to see if Apple had eventually reduced trashcan Mac Pro prices significantly just to clear inventory. I hadn’t checked on refurbished Mac Pros in months so maybe they became unavailable since earlier in the year.

    I’m always listening to YouTubers who claim they can build better/more powerful computers than Apple can build and I wonder if that is said about all computer companies. I’m guessing they target Apple because supposedly Apple computers cost so much more than most Windows PCs. I suppose the most powerful computers use water-cooling but Apple isn’t about to build any water-cooled computer. I would never want one of those because I think they require more maintenance than I would want to deal with.

    I think the new Mac Pro will be a definite hit with all video and audio editors. That’s my prediction. If they all like the new 16″ MacBook Pro then the new Mac Pro will be a no-brainer. As for the XDR monitor, I don’t have a clue.

  5. Its so DOA. One Mac review channel has already built a full AMD Hackintosh (12 core 24threads 2 GPUs 32GB RAM, fastest SSD available which is not from a mac) for just of HALF the price of a stock mac pro…

    PS this AMD hackintosh funs Catalina just fine.

    1. Good luck selling real pro’s who depend on reliable gear with warranty’s a Hackintosh. Apple is going to sell a lot of hard working “doorstops”. True pro’s almost never run the current OS X version. Personally I could care less if the OS X version I’m using is reasonably current and more importantly – stable.

    2. If all the specs hold, this thing will be a beast. The problem will likely be that it will come with a beast of a price.

      What motherboard will the AMD Hackintosh you mention use? Which one will support the four (yes, four) GPU chips that the upcoming Mac Pro will support? Which one will have as many PCIe slots?

    1. I’m running Yosemite in a Parallels VM (so I can continue to use Adobe CS6, sans subscription). Can’t imagine why that same setup wouldn’t work on a Mac Pro (running Yosemite on a 16″ MBP).

      Granted, Snow Leopard is earlier, still. But Parallels does a good job of running all these old Macintosh OSes.

  6. Finally… WAY too long for a company with the revenue and manpower Apple has, to wait 6 years to update a PRO machine; which creates all the content Apple loves to boast about. I hope Tim doesn’t allow this mis-step again.

  7. Here it is Tuesday Dec. 10th and STILL no change on their website to include Mac Pro ordering. I guess Apple is not finished torturing pro people yet. How anticlimactic and further disappointing can you get? *sigh*

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