BMW decides not to charge subscription fees for Apple CarPlay in the UK

Steve Jobs' Titanium BMW Z8
Steve Jobs’ 2000 BMW Z8 in Titanium Silver with 15,200 miles on the odometer sold for $329,500 at a Sotheby’s auction in 2017

Lawrence Allan for Autocar:

BMW is set to announce today that it has reversed its controversial decision to charge Apple CarPlay users £85 per year.

Launched in 2018 with the brand’s latest ‘7.0’ operating system, customers received a year’s free subscription to the service… After 12 months, owners were asked if they wanted to let the subscription lapse or pay £85 for another year’s access.

Now, a BMW spokesperson claims, the system will be free for the lifetime of the car on all models operating the latest infotainment system. Models that aren’t, such as the i3, i8 and runout examples of the 2 Series and 4 Series, will need to pay £235 for a lifetime subscription.

MacDailyNews Take: Apple does not charge vehicle makers to use CarPlay, however there are costs are incurred in integrating it into vehicles. Most makers add this into the sticker price. BMW was the first to offer buyers a choice by listing that cost as an option.

In case you were wondering, BMW does not offer Android Auto in any of its vehicles. This is likely because BMW owners have taste and are not poor, cheap, and/or stupid.


  1. My BMW was a year to early for CarPlay, which sucked until I found an aftermarket module that plugs I to older BMWs iDrive system. Works pretty well. Only small slight disadvantages. Way cheaper. No subscriptions.

  2. Let’s hope this trickles down to North American owners. My G20 3Series from 2019 has the newer iDrive and of course CarPlay…I am dreading the day I may need to have to pay to keep using it. My wife’s old 2017 X3 had the first integration of CarPlay after the X5….wish we would have kept that but oh well

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