Apple debuts annual holiday ad: ‘The Surprise’

Apple has debuted the company’s annual holiday ad and it’s a tearjerker.

Apple’s YouTube channel:

Sometimes, the best gifts can come from the most unexpected places.

MacDailyNews Take: Sniff.

The song featured in the ad is “Married Life” by Michael Giacchino.


    1. @Nick… really? December 25th may be the day some christians celebrate his birthday, but historically, nobody really knows what day he was born. December 25th may have been chosen as it was close to the pagan holiday celebrating the solstice.

      Apple does good to be ambiguous here, as a significant segment of its customers are not christians. So yeah, call me the grinch.Flame on.

  1. There are many “holiday celebrations” going on at the end of our year. Dilawi, Hannakah, Winter Solstice, Saturnalia, etc.
    I am saddened that Apple spends a big budget on a commercial showing traditional things done to celebrate Christmas, along with trying to set the mood of what they think Christmas is about and then being afraid to say Merry Christmas.

    Well, Merry Christmas, Apple. Hope you sell a lot of iPads.

    And I will be sure to say Merry Christmas to the rest of you here as we get closer to December 25.

    Sorry…I just looked it up. Diwali was early this year. It happened in October.

      1. thank-you. I stand corrected. Festivus should also be included in the list. But the celebration of Festivus is not the giving of gifts. Glad it shuns the commercialism. Truth be told, Christmas wasn’t supposed to be commercialized either. No Christmas tree and other un-Christmas things. Which is not what the Apple commercial is depicting.

  2. The only “surprise” to me is if Apple actually ships a single Mac Pro in 2019, which should be called the 2020 Mac Pro by all rights at this late date. Apple I have a feeling will Scrooge us all on seeing any new Mac Pro’s available and for sale in 2019. Pre-orders don’t count.

  3. According to the bible, Jesus was likely born in the fall… 33.5 years before the ‘recorded’ season of death… Spring. Of course… he never told anyone to celebrate his birthday… or any birthday, really.

    And another scripture says the day of death is more important than the day of birth. Babies have not made a name for themselves…

    1. Re: “That’s the Alex Fraser Bridge.” That does indeed look like the Alex Fraser, but there is no airport near it, and the surroundings look really different. That would be some real doctoring done there…don’t think all that could be have been done on just an iPhone (lame humor). Lion’s Gate looks unretouched.

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