President Trump tweets video of visit with Apple CEO Tim Cook at Mac Pro assembly plant

President Trump tours Apple Mac Pro facility with CEO Tim Cook in Austin, Texas on Wednesday, November 21, 2019
President Trump tours Apple Mac Pro facility with CEO Tim Cook in Austin, Texas on Wednesday, November 21, 2019

Apple CEO Tim Cook and the company’s all-new, extremely powerful, and rather gorgeous Mac Pro is prominently featured in a new video posted on Twitter by U.S. President Donald Trump via his iPhone.

Trump captioned the video thusly:

Today I opened a major Apple Manufacturing plant in Texas that will bring high paying jobs back to America. Today Nancy Pelosi closed Congress because she doesn’t care about American Workers!

MacDailyNews Take: As we write this, the tweet has been retweeted 16,500 times and liked 60,100 times, so the new Mac Pro is certainly getting a good amount of free exposure.

Of course, the facility is actually Apple supplier’s Flex Limited’s manufacturing location in Austin, Texas. That manufacturing location has been there since 2013, building the previous generation Mac Pro which was never upgraded and abandoned by Apple as having been “designed into a thermal corner.” Flex Ltd’s manufacturing location has since been retooled in order to build the new Mac Pro, which we expect Apple will routinely update as the company seeks to return to properly serving professional Mac users after over half a decade of inexplicable neglect.


  1. Yesterday President Trump visited an Apple Computer production facility in Texas. Trump announced that he was there to open the facility. The press accused the President of being a liar because the factory had been opened in 2013.

    What the media failed to mention was that Apple had basically stopped production and was in the process of moving the factory to China when President Trump intervened.


    Apple then decided to break ground on a $1 billion Texas campus and had President Trump tour the manufacturing facility. This facility will produce the new Mac Pro using as many American components as possible.

    “The value of American-made components in the new Mac Pro is 2.5 times greater than in Apple’s previous generation Mac Pro. The new Mac Pro will include components designed, developed and manufactured by more than a dozen American companies for distribution to US customers. Manufacturers and suppliers across Arizona, Maine, New Mexico, New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas and Vermont.”


    1. Nice spin. Of course what’s conveniently absent is that the reason why the TX facility had ceased production was because the 2013 “Trash Can” was {Bleeping!} obsolete, having not been updated for a half decade, nor had even had gotten any real price cuts during that time.

  2. Wait a minute … did he tell Nancy first that he was going there? LMFAO. If numbskull Hillary would have been elected president, this tour would have happened just outside of Guangzhou. Trump 2020!

  3. PREDICTION: Despite the billions recently sunk into the new Cupertino Campus, Apple is now quietly laying the groundwork for a move to Texas or other low-tax, low-regulation states. Tim C. can read the tea leaves that California is sinking in the liberal/progressive/socialist morass and the lefty politicians will soon come for all the prosperous companies and people in California. They know it will destroy the economy, but they just can’t help themselves. Apple almost wholely in Texas by 2025. My prediction anyway.

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