16-inch MacBook Pro: Benchmarks and thermal performance

Max Tech, YouTube:

We test Apple’s 16″ MacBook Pro’s updated cooling system and we also test benchmarks.

In this video, we ran Cinebench R20 5 times in a row to test the thermal performance of the 16″ MacBook Pro using Intel Power Gadget to look at temps, clock speeds and wattage. We then compared those results to the 2019 15″ MacBook Pro with the same exact 2.6GHz 6-core i7 processor. We also looked at the maximum fan speed of the new MacBook Pro, and we tested the fan noise as well.

We then tested Geekbench 5 for processor and Metal graphics performance, as well as Unigine Heaven benchmark to see the difference in gaming performance!

MacDailyNews Take: Hopefully the 2.4GHz 8‑core 9th‑generation Intel Core i9 / AMD Radeon Pro 5500M with 8GB of GDDR6 memory combination we have on order fares as well!

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  1. With this kind of performance I’m hoping that this will attract game developers to the Mac. There are some entertaining games on the App Store, including some in the Arcade subscription service, but they tend to be somewhat painterly and simplistic in terms of art. I’d love to see what they can do with the new GPUs and if they can do this much with the MacBook Pro, I wonder what the iMacs will be like.

    I watch as people condemn certain games on the PC over this little issue or that little issue and I keep thinking, bring that sucker to the Mac and we’ll pay the shit out of it. Whiney PC users get all the games and just bitch.

  2. really itching to buy one of these. Specs seem really good.

    Have an older MBP but I prefer desktops with more powerful GPU etc, These new MBPs though seem powerful enough as a main graphics workstation for the mid level work I want to do.

    And the price seems pretty good.

    Apple is getting back to taking their mac customers seriously.

  3. Very nice. One company I know was thinking of getting this for a artist that uses all Adobe CC apps. Had to stop that for now. Adobe CC 2019 having many issues with OS X 10.15. Gonna have to stay with the 15″ laptop with 10.14 for now. Bummer.

  4. Having read several reviews of the new 16″ MBPro, I’m left with an impression that this particular 2019 model is a confluence of everything that Apple gets right in a laptop.

    I’m particularly pleased with the fact that the thermal issues have been adressed (what’s the point of having an uber cpu if it gets choked-down via thermal throttling?), and while many have lamented the previous gen’s keyboard, I am elated at the fact that Apple has finally gotten rid of the 8gb ram ‘entry’ point for these ‘pro’ machines. Yes, 16-64GB of ram, baby! Finally!

    These are professional machines, for professionals doing professional things. The people that really need them will pony up for these babies in droves. I fully expect them to be a huge hit.

    Nice job, Apple!

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