President Trump and Apple CEO Tim Cook set to tour Mac Pro factory in Texas next Wednesday

Apple CEO Tim Cook (left) confers with U.S. President Donald Trump
Apple CEO Tim Cook (left) confers with U.S. President Donald Trump

U.S. President Donald Trump and Apple CEO Tim Cook next Wednesday are set to visit the Mac Pro assembly facility in Texas, Reuters reports, citing “sources briefed on the matter.”

David Shepardson and Alexandra Alper for Reuters:

Reuters reported on Tuesday that the trip was planned for next week to showcase companies that keep jobs in America, according to two people familiar with the matter. The trip will highlight Cook’s strong relationship with Trump as he seeks further relief for Apple from U.S. tariffs on imports from China and will be cited by Trump as part of his efforts to convince companies to add more U.S. manufacturing jobs.

In February, Cook joined a Trump administration advisory board that hopes to prepare U.S. workers to deal with job training issues. Apple has come under fire from Trump because it makes most of its products in China. But Cook and Trump have developed a good relationship.

In September, Apple said it would assemble its new Mac Pro desktop computers in Austin, Texas, at a contract manufacturing facility run by Flex Ltd where the previous version was assembled.

MacDailyNews Note: Apple on Wednesday announced that the all-new Mac Pro, the world’s best pro desktop, and Apple Pro Display XDR, the world’s best pro display, will be available in December.

Designed for maximum performance, expansion and configurability, Mac Pro features workstation-class Xeon processors up to 28 cores, a high-performance memory system with a massive 1.5TB capacity, eight PCIe expansion slots and a graphics architecture featuring the world’s most powerful graphics card.

Apple’s Pro Display XDR features a 32-inch Retina 6K display with P3 wide and 10-bit color, 1,600 nits of peak brightness, 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio and a super-wide viewing angle, all at a breakthrough price point.

Mac Pro starts at $5,999 and Pro Display XDR starts at $4,999. Both will be available to order in December through Additional technical specifications, configure-to-order options and accessories are available at and


  1. Hey, Bro, can you help me? I need help. Things aren’t going my way. People are catching on to the scam. Help me. Talk that tech stuff. China’s killing me. That damn Kim Un is playing me bad. I hate those people. I worry they are playing me. Are they? Someone please help me. I don’t know what I’m doing.

    1. That’s going to be difficult, when one side tells the world the other side are “Nazi’s who are building concentration camps on the border”.
      Kinda hard to walk that back, I’m just sayin.

        1. What you did not mention is Obama changed the rules of engagement to more politically correct granting rights to terrorists than U.S. armed forces in some situations. Over zealous policies and prosecutors yourself and the ACLU would proudly support. Luckily, another train wreck Obama policy Trump is working on dismantling…

        2. NO! The rules of engagement have never permitted soldiers to kill unarmed civilians who do not present a present danger. Obama had nothing to do with these cases. Noncombatant civilians have been protected under the laws of war going back to the Middle Ages. Even if someone is an enemy combatant, that does not deprive him of rights under the Uniform Code of Military Justice, other federal law, the Geneva Conventions, other treaty obligations that the United States has undertaken, and military orders that have been issued under lawful authority.

          Ordering your men to shoot men riding by on their bicycles is, and always has been, a war crime. Taking a unarmed suspected terrorist who is already in custody under a bridge and shooting him is a war crime. The criminals that the President pardoned were on trial because their fellow soldiers reported their crimes and testified against them in court. They were convicted by military juries composed of their peers (or confessed and would have been convicted if Mr. Trump hadn’t intervened). Their prosecutions and convictions were upheld by the military review process, which provides at least as many due process protections as the civilian justice system.

          The military leadership, the civilian leadership of the Department of Defense, and most of the large veterans’ groups begged the President not to stage this attack on military discipline. Not only does it undermine the command authority of the officers and NCOs who are sworn to enforce the rules of engagement, but it invites our enemies to do the same to our soldiers in return. If you shoot their prisoners, they will shoot yours.

          Trump did it anyway because he suffers from the delusion that you can only fight terrorism by exceeding the terrorists in inhumanity. That position is morally reprehensible, and isn’t even militarily effective. It is as stupid a decision as weaponizing American diplomacy against his domestic opponents. It is just another illustration of how some warriors win their spurs on the field of battle and other men win theirs with a doctor’s note.

          1. Yes, a Jury of Obama politically correct military new age activists granted more rights to terrorist combatants. Again, President Trump is dismantling Obama’s poor policies one by one. Doctorate Michael Savage did a full show deconstructing the details of the debacle some time ago…

    2. What happened to the old GoeB who spewed endless Tim Cook hate at every opportunity, insulted the intelligence of every ‘libtard in existence’ whilst vilifying common sense democratic opponents? We liked him, badmouthing and all. This one is just boringly sycophantic.
      The only sterling showcase evidence here is the gold standard management style of Tim Cook. Successfully negotiate many component tariff deferrals over many months and meetings, then…just when you need major PR for the launch of the new shiny shiny and very expensive Mac Pro…”hey, lets invite the President to tour the factory and every journalist and media organisation on the planet to witness the event. That should do it”
      Masterfully played Mr Cook. The new Gold Standard indeed.

      1. Seems more to me like they both need each other, and this ‘event’ is the price that Apple is paying to have avoided tariffs. Problem that Tim has is that most Apple customers probably aren’t Trumpets, so its a fine line of if there could be some “boycott” chatter as a consequence.

        In any event, probably doesn’t mater, since the Mac Pro isn’t anywhere close to being a “machine for the rest of us” anyway.

      2. “insulted the intelligence of every ‘libtard in existence’”

        “Libtards” don’t have intelligence you dumb Democrat sycophant! I feel the same way towards Cook, he is a clueless creative CEO that needs to go. Feel better now. 🤣

        Regarding the who invited whom I have not read that, but hats off to Cook for a good move if true. My point was much broader it is great to see cooperation between politically opposite camps…

    3. I don’t think cozying up to an SJW running a CLEARLY SJW company will yield anything good. If he can’t get Apple to back down on ANY of their SJW stances, BUT still allows tariff protections for them… that’s just NOT a good look.

      1. SJW SJW SJW SJW SJW SJW SJW SJW SJW SJW SJW SJWSJW SJW SJW SJW SJW SJW SJW SJW SJW SJW SJW SJW SJW SJW SJW SJW SJW SJW SJW SJW SJW SJW SJW SJW SJW SJW SJW SJW SJW SJW SJW SJW SJW SJW SJW SJW SJW SJW SJW SJW SJW SJW – you’re hilarious. Nobody forces you to buy Apple. You’re clearly a candidate for a nice Huawei device. Have fun with that. Reminder: No NOKO deal, no China deal, no infrastructure deal, no health insurance or prescription meds deal, large number of associates in jail or heading to jail, paid a pornstar for silence, fakes being Christian while lying that Christians and Christmas are “under attack” annnnnnd – impeachment is coming.

        1. Impeachment is not coming because the Republican Party would lose EVERYTHING if that were to happen. I’ve said here lots of times, of course he’s done illegal things, BUT there’s no one in the entire machinery of government that can do anything about it. The Senate will let Trump off the hook regardless of what is found,

          And he’ll serve another 4 years because Democrats will vote for who makes them feel good, fragment their vote, providing yet another White House win for Republicans.

  2. The Mac Pro – Where is it? Let’s see Fall, now it maybe December. Maybe it will come in January or February. Makes me think what we saw was a mockup. Maybe the President can tell us whether it really is being produced or not.

  3. Apple announced the new, supreme MacPro on June 3, 2019 two weeks short of six months, a whole half year which is a long time ago. But it may be released up to six months or even more from now. By then, given its price and its tardyness and that the PC competition will likely have gotten a long way to catch up, knowledgeable buyers should reasonably expect an upgraded software and hardware iteration.

    As an aside, gangster Trump is losing support from the general population for making bad cabinet appointments, the military who are outraged by his dastardly abandonment of the horizontally democratic Rojavan Kurds, and his increasingly disgruntled base made up of KKK elements, Christian Fundamentalists, independents, White Suprematists, and Libertarians is narrowing so Trump’s cozying up to gay Cook may garner the former additional, much needed gay votes without insulting his base of supporters.

  4. Checking out a few news sites I note how polarized the news is.

    For example:

    CNN does not mention this visit at all. In spite of Apple being the biggest USA corp by market cap and the largest USA tax payer.

    It doesn’t even mention it in the BUSINESS section.
    That have such stories as “New SUV by Aston Martin and the Global Horseradish shortage hurting Burger King”

    I’m not political , pro or negative Donald Trump.
    I’m just saying news sites are getting more and more biased on what they report. So unless you read widely you are going to get distorted news.

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