The race is on to replace our iPhones with smart glasses

Apple, Google, Microsoft, Snap, Facebook, Amazon, and others are all working on computers we wear on our faces that may replace our phones.

Todd Haselton for CNBC:

Most of the biggest names in Big Tech are racing to create smart glasses that we wear everywhere and that may replace our phones.

Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Snap, Facebook Apple, Magic Leap and others are all working on some form of smart glasses or headset that will change how we view the world around us. Instead of pulling a phone out of our pockets to talk to people or interact with apps, we may do these things simply by speaking to, and looking through, a set of glasses.

There’s a race to be the first to make a set of glasses that everyone will wear, which means they have to be fashionable and sleek enough to wear all day and everywhere you go… If glasses replace common gadgets like our phones or computer screens, it will mean big business to the company that comes out on top. But we’re likely years away from that.

MacDailyNews Take: Bet against Apple winning this race at your own peril.


  1. This is one of the most stupid ideas to come from a group of idiots (tech “journalists”) that Ive seen Ain a while… and that’s saying a lot. I’ve never worn glasses, I never will wear glasses and whoever thinks glasses will replace a phone, or even a watch must live in a place where recreational cannabis is legal.

    1. Todd Haselton consistently Gets it wrong, and often makes up stories with Clickbait headlines, ignore this.

      Apple will not get into retail eyewear, it will only commercial, industrial or gaming type of application.

      PS Todd Hazeltine does not like to be criticized.

      1. A lot of people wear sunglasses, so even that is some market to start with aligned with those perfectly happy to wear them regardless of actual physical need. They just need to be compelling enough. I am sure eventually the concept will adapt to even prescription needs as the technology develops.

  2. If everyone starts wearing glasses, how will we know who the smart people are?

    I am so sick of people using the word “replace” with every technology that isn’t a conventional computer. I am really sick of hearing can the iPad finally replace your laptop? Can your AppleWatch replace your iPhone? Now it’s can your glasses replace ??????? All of these technologies fill a specific place.

  3. Come on… 🙄 Not “everyone” will want to wear eyeglasses 🤓 Apple’s approach will be far more flexible. Apple will design a wearable ecosystem with iPhone (what iPhone will evolves into) as the hub. Kinda like Mac (or PC) was once the hub for home computing. It’s already started with Apple Watch and AirPods (which will get “smarter” over time). There may be AR glasses in the future as part of this system, but it won’t replace iPhone.

  4. I can’t say I wouldn’t wear any AR glasses, but I’m in no hurry to replace my smartphone with some glasses. I don’t think I need a constant flow of information if that’s what these AR glasses are going to supply. I don’t know why these pundits think they speak for every consumer out there. I think this person is flat-out wrong with thinking most consumers want AR glasses. I’m sure they will be expensive and needing both AR glasses and an iPhone is simply too much for many consumers to financially bear.

  5. I think this idea is crazy from several perspectives. If we’re talking about regular eyeglasses, how would you miniaturize the electronics? They would have to fit within normal sized frames.

    Even if that could be done, where would the power source live? Since batteries are sometimes known to explode/catch fire under certain conditions, do you really want to have something that could be combustible sitting on your face? Really?!? I wear glasses, but I’ll happily stick with my iPhone, thank you very much.

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