Apple CEO Cook tweets appreciation to U.S. vets on Veterans Day

To the Veterans in my family, at Apple, and all around the world — we appreciate your service and sacrifice. 🇺🇸 — Apple CEO Tim Cook

Apple CEO Tim Cook via Twitter:

MacDailyNews Take: Thank you, U.S. veterans! Much thanks also to U.S. vets’ families, who also sacrifice and serve as servicemembers are often deployed far away and for long periods of time!

See also: Health Records on Apple iPhone now available to veterans across the U.S.A.


  1. That’s rich coming from Captain China. What an insult. Has Apple ever had a PR disaster of the magnitude of Cook? That’s rhetorical, I’ve been there from the start, and my answer is, ‘No, they have not.’. He is a disgrace.

    1. What is disgraceful is your inability to show even the meanest portion of humility in remembrance of the sacrifice of others to protect your right and reason to exist. Shameful.

    2. James — do you similarly despise Trump for talking to Gina? After all, they do have enormous respect for his very, very big…… ah brain. Or the vast number of US companies who do business there? Let your hatred go for a day.

  2. You’re so cute…and small. I mean it’s not like Apple gives discounts to ‘all’ veterans, former and current serving personnel! Oh wait…they do.
    Tim Cook is the most successful current CEO by many yardsticks. Deal with it
    I echo Tim Cook’s words since I too have veterans in my family, currently serving nephews and my son in law ex US Air Force. Only yesterday it was Remembrance Day here in the UK where we also honoured the fallen from two World Wars and conflicts since. Today I attended a small service at the Cambridge American Cemetery to show my respects. I think you should try it.

  3. This is the day each year where I can reflect on my years and appreciate the opportunity to serve. One of the most important benefits is being around all sorts of Americans, from rich to poor, brilliant to mentally challenged. Working together gives you a pretty good view of the American population.

    I also appreciate the discounts that Apple provides those who serve.

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