People getting texts originally sent on Valentine’s Day hit with wide range of emotion

Jacob Kastrenakes for The Verge:

Something strange is happening with text messages in the US right now. Overnight, a multitude of people received text messages that appear to have originally been sent on or around Valentine’s Day 2019. These people never received the text messages in the first place; the people who sent the messages had no idea that they had never been received, and they did nothing to attempt to resend them overnight.

Delayed messages were sent from and received by both iPhones and Android phones, and the messages seem to have been sent and received across all major carriers in the US. Many of the complaints involve T-Mobile or Sprint, although AT&T and Verizon have been mentioned as well. People using regional US carriers, carriers in Canada, and even Google Voice also seem to have experienced delays.

Dozens and dozens of people have posted about receiving messages overnight. Most expressed confusion or spoke to the awkwardness of the situation, having been told by friends that they sent a mysterious early-morning text message. A few spoke to much more distressing repercussions of this error: one person said they received a message from an ex-boyfriend who had died; another received messages from a best friend who is now dead.

MacDailyNews Take: Delayed putrid green bubbles, we assume, not beautiful blue.


  1. Text messages are generally sent “last in, first out”. This means when text messaging systems are over loaded, messages are “cached”. What probably happened was texts were stored on a server that was overloaded in February and failed to send the messages when the “signaling” portion of the control circuits were available. (Remember text messages are sent using this portion of the connection bandwidth. This is why text messages to phone companies are a gold mine- they don’t require extra cabling or bandwidth).

    It is a little disingenuous to seek out and report those who lost love ones and now are surprised to receive old messages. This is the same as a letter falling out of a sorting machine at the post office and being delivered months later.

    Also- check your terms of service and delivery of text messages are NEVER guaranteed. In emergency conditions the phone company needs this signaling channel to reroute traffic. Having said that the channels to send text messages are ENORMOUS and text message fails are very, very rare.

    1. Agreed, theloniousmac. Also, shortly after Trump was elected all of my belly button lint — regardless of the color of clothing I wear — has turned blue. It’s gotta be his fault, because a majority of whistleblowers agree with me on this!


  2. Irrefutable proof that Russia hacked our electoral system via social media and changed the outcome of the 2016 election. This is the most objective evidence yet that Trump should be impeached and Hillary rightfully installed as president. Just think how much better all our lives would be today if Obama had just told Putin to stop it.

    1. The Democrats in congress are trying to influence the next election by fraudulent accusations of Russian collusion and an illegal and bullshit impeachment process.

      They should all be hung for treason

  3. Agreed. And the fact that Trump is a crooked amoral bigoted stinking sack of sh*t. Has got nothing to do with anything. It’s all Hillary’s fault, and the deep state. It’s a liberal satanic conspiracy.

    1. Noted: All your hatred is based on “Orange Man Bad”. Now run along and lie about Russians, collusion, the Covington kids, Smollet, the economy, black employment rates, China, Syria, Kavanaugh or any one of the DOZENS of lies told in an attempt to overthrow a duly elected President, all because you lost an election. Oh, and don’t forget to don your black mask and hood before mobbing a lone individual in the street and beating him down with bats and clubs. And when all that fails, chant the words of Democrat Al Green, when he bravely stated the democrat position best;
      “I’m concerned if we don’t impeach this president, he will get re-elected”. Just don’t be surprised when 2017 texts emerge “the coup has begun, impeachment will follow”.
      Immoral, indeed.

      1. “Indeed” I think you’re right. I’m so brainwashed that whenever I see your beloved President Dog Turd on TV, spewing his garbage and talking utter shit, I want to punch him in the face.

        Or else I must be part of a deep state conspiracy fairy tale. There’s a high likelihood of the latter as the numbers of we conspirators must be in the thousands by now, or tens or hundreds of thousands if you include all the world’s scientists and almost all the world leaders who think that Trump is a “moron,” as Rex Tillerson does.

        Indeed I think you are right, I should ignore all the evidence of my own eyes and ears. Forget everything I’ve learnt about human decency, respect, statesmanship and diplomacy. Trump after all, is not a crooked, corrupt, racist bigoted, ignorant, failed businessman, steaming pile of sh*t.

  4. 2019, oh please! Three nights ago I got half a dozen emails on my iPad and only my iPad and they were from November 2018. I’m in Australia so it wasn’t the Russians, the Democrats, Republicans or Elvis…it’s just plain weird.

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