Apple patent application reveals Apple Watch band with built-in antenna

Dennis Sellers for Apple World Today:

A new Apple patent filing (number 20290341677) for “antenna assemblies for watch bands” hints that future bands for the Apple Watch could pack a built-in antenna.

This could remove the antenna from the interior of the smartwatch, making room for other components on its interior. Or perhaps allowing for slimmer Apple Watches.

MacDailyNews Take: We’ve always felt that Apple could be doing a lot more with bands (Apple Watch Smart Bands) beyond fashion.

Apple’s patent application summary:

A watch band for a watch can include an antenna that is operable for wireless communication with other devices. The antenna can be embedded within a body of the watch band to protect the antenna from an external environment and to conceal it from view. The antennas can adaptably stretch, bend, and flex with the watch band body, thereby avoiding damage from applied forces while also maintaining the compliance and comfort of the watch band while worn by a user.

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  1. I’d prefer that Apple put batteries in the bands with a smart connection. you then have 2 bands that charge while the other is in use. you can then go 24/7 with your watch just like to good old days.

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