Apple releases iOS 13.2.2

Appel today released iOS 13.2.2 which includes bug fixes and improvements for your iPhone.

This update:

• Fixes an issue that could cause apps to quit unexpectedly when running in the background
• Resolves an issue where iPhone may temporarily lose cellular service after a call
• Addresses an issue where cellular data may temporarily not be available
• Fixes an issue that caused replies to S/MIME encrypted email messages between Exchange accounts to be unreadable
• Addresses an issue where using Kerberos single sign-on service in Safari may present an authentication prompt
• Resolves an issue where charging may be interrupted on YubiKey Lightning-powered accessories

For information on the security content of Apple software updates, please visit this website:


      1. Stupid comment. It is impossible to ignore the Apple nagware, and Apple release notes are next to useless. You can never tell what Apple will break next.

        But being a fanboy, you refuse to see lapses in quality & usability and you refuse to do honest objective comparison. All you can do is insult those who dare to speak the truth.

        Tim Cook’s quality record is mediocre at best. The fumbled rollouts of every OS update are just more proof.

  1. My current iPhone is 5S. No longer supported for latest iOS, running 12.4.3. I’ll treat it as a positive 😉 Although it has received a few (two I think) “security updates” since iOS 13 release. (But my two iPads ARE getting these many iOS 13 updates…)

    I hope things have stabilized by the time I get a refurb iPhone SE in a few months.

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